‘Game On’ for the North-East

The North-Eastern region of Brazil will receive a well-deserved reward as it hosts four teams in three host cities during the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup, writes MEI’s Lucas Lacombe and Ricardo Demarchi.

During the Confederations Cup Draw event in São Paulo at the beginning of the December 2012, FIFA defined the 2013 Confederations Cup groups so we now know where each football team is playing.

The first match in the region will be played in Recife on 16June 2013. The Arena Pernambuco stadium will literally be the ‘arena’ between two gladiators: Spain - the current number one in the FIFA ranking and Uruguay - the 1950 World Champion. Three days later, Italy, four times World Champion, will meet Asian Cup winner Japan. The Uruguay team will come back to the Pernambucan Coliseum to play Tahiti on 23 June.

Fortaleza’s stadium, Castelão, is also a ground for titans. On 19 June, Brazil will be able to take its revenge for the 2012 Olympic Game final against Mexico. Four days later, Spain will play the winner of the African Cup (yet to be defined). The renovated stadium will also host the second semi-final (27June) between the winner of group B and runner-up of group A.

Salvador does not have anything to envy the other two capitals for. For its first match on 20June, the Fonte Nova stadium will see Uruguay confronting the winner of the African Cup. Two days later, Brazilian supporters will definitely crowd the place to support their national team against Italy, a re-match from 1994 FIFA World Cup final. Last but not least, Salvador will receive the game for third place on 30June.

The religion called football in Brazil is already moving millions of fans. In the pre-sale (for sponsors’ clients), more than 130,000 tickets were sold, 98% of them to Brazilians! The official sale for the 2013 Confederation Cup is now open until 15 January on FIFA’s website. 


Ready, steady, go!!!

Construction works at venues are moving at a fast pace in order to be ready for the Confederations Cup. Fortaleza, ahead of its neighbours, has already delivered its revamped Castelão. On Sunday 16 June 2013, the Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff will inaugurate the first Brazilian stadium to be ready. In Salvador, Arena Fonte Nova is more than 80% complete and the inauguration should take place on 29March. Recife’s stadium Arena Pernambuco, with 70.6% of its work completed, has already announced its opening game, on 14April.


Be part of it, come and join us


Whilst national teams and delegations are on the lookout to pick their bases, corporate groups may struggle to make the most of the Confederations Cup. With local partners on the ground all over Brazil, MEI can assist companies in achieving their goals for this mega event, whether it is finding business opportunities, identifying the right training and hosting villages, organising corporate events or simply having VIP treatment to watch the games.

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