Communications In Brazil 2012

As we start a new year, Brazil is entering a pivotal phase, not only for its own development, but also for those looking to enter the market.

With communications a vital component in any market entry, Beth Garcia, managing director of integrated communications agency Approach, reflects on the key developments of 2012 and looks ahead to 2013.

“For two years, PR and communications companies have been preparing themselves for the big events to come. They are not a reality yet, so this phase has focused on planning. Many agencies have been creating sports departments. Even those without a sports pedigree are now thinking about it and creating partnerships.”

Approach has always had expertise in the sports market, counting Red Bull, Ferj and Diane dos Santos among their long-held clients. Then, in 2011, they partnered with sports specialist Vero/MLA True Communications, led by Mike Lee OBE. This relationship has already paid dividends, as Garcia explains: “Along with Vero we have won the account for Aecom which is designing Rio’s Olympic park and we’re working on proposals with other sectors linked to the Games such as sponsors, brand owners and construction companies.”

For now there remains no tangible movement of clients, however: “Last year was a year of talks, planning and research. This year will be about concrete action. Things will become more real in 2013 – the year of the Confederations Cup and one year before the FIFA World Cup.”

Asked about the future direction of the communications industry in Brazil, Garcia sees similarities with the other major markets around the World: “We have been increasing our coverage of the communications market. This strategy enables us to enhance delivery for our clients. We launched new branding in November to reflect this integrated approach and, whilst this is a wider movement in Brazil, a recent PR summit in Miami showed that this is a worldwide phenomenon.

“Another pattern in Brazil that I see reflected at international meetings is a far more digital landscape. 2012 was the year of digital and agencies that don’t have this capability are trying to form partnerships. The key challenge that everyone is now investigating is how to use digital in PR delivery. The objective is to include digital in daily activities. At Approach we’ve been successful over the last year and have doubled delivery for our clients, and this trend is set to continue.”

Asked about the communications challenges facing international companies looking to enter the Brazilian market this year, Garcia sees a positive environment as long as the approach and tone of the entrant is sensitive, explaining: “Brazilians are naturally very open to foreigners and admire many of the international solutions being adopted here. However, there is an underlying fear of predators taking advantage of our moment. Other regions are in economic crisis whilst Brazil is healthy and we have the big events coming. 

Brazilians lived with economic struggles for many years so it is important to communicate that you understand the positives already in Brazil, to join cultures and mix services and that you are here for the long term to help leave a legacy from this special period.”

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