Brazil Puts Internet on the Agenda

The most populous country in Latin America, Brazil is also the country with the largest number of people with internet access, some 76m people representing 38% of Latin American web users in early 2012, rising to 86.4m by the end of the year.

With almost 60% of web users using social networks, Brazil surpasses the US and the UK in sheer volume. Brazil is Facebook’s second largest market behind the US and just ahead of India. The number of Facebook active users in Brazil in December 2012 stood at 65,237,180, which was an increase of 2,008,600 and thus +3.08% compared to November 2012. Facebook has 32.44% market penetration in Brazil.

With a promising economic outlook and rising prosperity, demand for broadband in Brazil is expected to soar. The government’s National Broadband Plan aims to provide broadband access for low-income households and in areas where private operators have no commercial interest. Broadband plans on offer in Brazil have improved significantly. In fact, broadband prices in Brazil are lower than in most other Latin American countries, but they are still high compared with North America and Europe.

Recently, Brazil's Internet Management Committee (Comitê Gestor da Internet - CGI) set up an online platform for the discussion of internet-related issues in the country. The platform will also stimulate interaction between the organisations comprising the Committee, civil society organisations, companies, governments, academia, researchers and other interested parties.

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