GLOBALGAMESSPORTS creates, manages and delivers major sporting events and event support facilities across a wide range of scales, budgets and targeted outcomes. With such a varied range of services on offer and also an incredibly wide range of customers and customer locations, the company’s experience covers many areas, of which the following six are core:

FANPARKS - creating and delivering FANPARKS as modelled Fan Experiences is the core focus of GLOBALGAMESSPORTS’ work and alongside specific club work (Tottenham Hotspur) and tournaments (IRB 7s at Twickenham Stadium) the company has also created consultancy pieces for FIFA World Cup stadiums in South Africa, the Jockey Club and several Premiership Football Clubs. 

EVENT TOOLS – From Hi-Tech electronic reaction games (Adidas Champion’s League) to Inflatable Roadshow Equipment (Emirates across its sponsorship portfolio) through to Augmented Reality Activities (Saudi FA, Alhilal FC – in development & Mizuno Brand Centre), GLOBALGAMESSPORTS has enjoyed working with a range of sports sponsors and properties.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT – This encompasses many of GLOBALGAMESSPORTS’ categories of expertise and the crossover is one of the company’s strengths, however, a few notable Project Management concepts have been seen in the Tesco/FA Skills Roadshow. Begun in August 2008, GLOBALGAMESSPORTS designed, produced, managed and delivered 48 events in one month with three roadshows travelling the country.

EVENT ACTIVATION – GLOBALGAMESSPORTS’ teams have travelled the world, as well as the length and breadth of the UK to deliver events for its clients. In 2009 the company sent an Event Management team to Dubai for the Beach Soccer World Cup who trained, advised and oversaw the local event team in their operations.

MATCHDAY PROMOTIONS – A growing side of the sports sponsorship mix, MatchDay Promotions has been both enduring and valuable for many sponsors at the current time. Fulham FC has seen a range of events including full club sponsorship days where GLOBALGAMESSPORTS has integrated Outside the Ground Challenges, On-Pitch Activation, Environment Branding and Clap-Banners to deliver the full sponsored service.

EDUCATION & TRAINING – Alongside training local work forces to be engaged and suitable for events (training legacy), GLOBALGAMESSPORTS also delivers team training and development concepts for organisations such as Orange (Call Centres), the Jason Roberts Foundation and Back In Football.

At the helm of GLOBALGAMESSPORTS is Grant Horan, who has witnessed a number of changes in the major events industry over the last few years: “Reduction in spending (just as the interactive/fan activation side of things was gaining some momentum) has had an impact on our sector combined with more transparency required by sponsors,” he says. “With less budget available to spend they want to ensure that their money is being spent wisely and is delivering tangible results. This has generated a transparency from ‘the top’ and allows smaller, niche, companies such as ours to really showcase their talents and expertise and provide real value for money.”

“Post London 2012 Olympics/Paralympics, questions are still being asked if that was the last we would see of major sponsorship investments and activation,” he continues. “Personally I believe it was not, after all, outside of the Olympic Park there wasn’t an awful lot of activation going on and what was there was begged, stolen (doubtful!) and borrowed. But there needs to be a wholesale shift in focus now for the rest of the ‘Golden Decade of Sport’ to really maximise the opportunities available. Worldwide, things are looking better, but we now have to stake our claim to being unique and expert in our fields and ensure that the relationships are in place to transfer our expertise to the other countries and events.”

Looking beyond London 2012 to other major sports events, GLOBALGAMESSPORTS has been working with a partner in Qatar for the last two years to develop an activation arm in the country in order to bring its expertise in event design, FANPARKS and Team Training to assist and build opportunities in the country. “In that time we have worked together at international sporting events, Company Sports Days, National Day and much more,” says Horan.

He believes that the 2022 FIFA World Cup can do only do good things for the country. “The event will certainly thrust the country further into the worldwide sporting marketplace. My impressions are that, at the moment, Qatar can and will do what it can to put itself firmly on the map. The country still clearly has a lot of work to do but, taking the Aspire 4 Sport complex as an example, when Qatar wants to do something, the country does it incredibly well.”

Horan is also bullish from an overseas business perspective as well: “I think it is very encouraging because it also seems that the Qataris are keen to import expertise and as such if a company is expert/unique in its field then Qatar is a great opportunity for them moving forward.”

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