World Cup stadiums update

In October 2012, MEI published our first update on the construction of the 12 FIFA World Cup venues, writes Joao Frigerio, associate director at MEI. Since then, FIFA has confirmed that six host cities will host the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and two arenas have been finished and started to operate – the Castelão stadium in Fortaleza and the Mineirãoem Belo Horizonte.

The next one to be reopened is the Fonte Nova arena, in Salvador. The venue was supposed to open on 17 March, but the date was rescheduled due to the trip of president Dilma Rousseff to Rome, for the new Pope’s inauguration. The stadium is expected to be inaugurated on 7 April with a local derby between Bahia and Vitoria.

The other three cities scheduled to host the Confederations Cup are Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and São Lourenço da Mata, just outside Pernambuco’s capital, Recife.

The website, a project by Sinaenco (the national architecture and engineering union), follows the progress of each of the 12 arenas scheduled to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The ‘Portal da Copa’ is an official site by the federal government, and it also brings updates about the works in the stadia.

With less than 100 days for the Confederations Cup, check out the summary of the current situation of each venue.

Confederations Cup venues

Recife (São Lourenço da Mata) – Over 90% of construction works has been finished. The stadium's stands are ready and the seats are being assembled. The roof was finished at the end of February and inauguration date has been set for 14 April. The cost of the stadium has been revised to R$530m.

Brasilia – Also with over 90% of the works completed, the Mané Garrincha stadium had its reopening scheduled for 21 April. The stadium, which will host the opening of the Confederations Cup (Brazil versus Japan) on 15 June, is the most expensive among all World Cup venues, with total cost of about R$1.2bn. It is important to note that professional football in the region is insignificant, thus making the new arena a potential white elephant.

Rio de Janeiro - Planting of the grass on the pitch has already been done, and the legendary Maracanã stadium is in the final stage of its reconstruction. The venue will host the final matches of both, the Confederations Cup and the World Cup. The first test-match is schedule to take place on 27 April and the cost has hit R$ 808m. Maracana should have reopened in February after its $450m renovation but delays forced a postponement. The upgraded stadium, with a reduced capacity of 76,000 spectators, is due to reopen on 2 June 2013 with a friendly between Brazil and England.

Salvador – The stadium is practically ready and the first match in the new venue was due to take place on 7 April with local derby between Bahia and Vitoria. The Arena Fonte Nova has an estimated cost of R$ 592m.

Fortaleza – The Castelão stadium was the first World Cup venue to open its doors, hosting two matches on 24 January, and it has been used regularly by the main teams from the city ever since. The arena will host a match between Brazil and Mexico and one of the semifinals of the Confederations Cup. The estimated cost is R$518m.

Belo Horizonte – The Mineirão was reopened with a local derby between Atletico Mineiro and Cruzeiro, on 3 February. The event was marked by many operational flaws which led the state government to fine the consortium that manages the stadium – Minas Arena – in R$1m. With a cost of R$695m, the arena will host, prior to the Confederations Cup, a match between Brazil and Chile in April, and a Paul McCartney concert in May.

Other World Cup venues

Sao Paulo – The Arena Corinthians, which is set to host the opening match of the World Cup, has currently 66% of the construction works done and is scheduled to be finished by December 2013. However, disagreements about the guarantees that need to be given in order to Brazil’s national bank (Banco do Brasil) and BNDES threaten to delay the construction.

Curitiba – The Arena da Baixada is one of the three privately owned stadia that will host the World Cup – the others being Arena Corinthians, in Sao Paulo, and the Beira-Rio stadium, in Porto Alegre – and it belongs to Clube Atletico Paranaense. The stadium is passing through a renovation process and is set to be finished by December 2013. The estimated cost of the renovated arena is R$183m, the lowest among all World Cup Venues.

Porto Alegre – The stadium, property of SC Internacional, is also going through a renovation process. Unlike other stadiums, the club managed to keep it open throughout almost the whole time. Now the club is hosting its matches elsewhere. 62% of the work has been done and the deadline is December 2013. The cost of the project is R$330m.

Cuiabá – The Arena Pantanal is nearly 65% finished, but that means that works are running at least with a delay of at least 60 days. Nonetheless, the stadium is expected to be delivered by October 2013. With a budget of R$518m, the stadium will host four matches in the World Cup and then will struggle to justify its investment, since there’s no high level competitive football in the state of MatoGrosso.

Manaus – The Arena Amazônia has about 55% of its construction completed and is one of the venues of concern to FIFA. Authorities keep saying that the venue estimated in R$515m will be finished by the end of 2013. The stadium is set to host four matches of the World Cup.

Natal –The Arena das Dunas has been one of FIFA’s biggest nightmares, however, works seem to have speed up and currently about 58% of the construction has been concluded. The total cost has been estimated in R$417m and the venue will host four World Cup matches.

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