Featured Procurement Opportunity: Recife Sport Centre

Recife’s Sport Excellency Centre has released details of a tender project estimated at being worth around R$85m, writes MEI’s Ricardo Demarchi and Lucas Lacombe.

Companies interested in bidding for the redevelopment of the Sports Centre Santos Dumont are welcome to apply. Projects budgeted at almost £28.5m are available. More than 30% of the total investment will come from the federal government, but the largest share is under the state government’s remit. The initial estimate indicates that the work will last 20 months, i.e. it will end in the first half of 2014.

Recife is based in the state of Pernambuco that is implementing its strategy to become a sporting enclave in Brazil. The Santos Dumont Excellency Centre, located in the South side of the capital, is already listed as an official hosting ground for foreign delegations during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The Centre for Sports and Leisure Alberto Santos Dumont in Recife is already undergoing renovations and the construction of new areas started in 2012. The site will provide venues for athletics, swimming, synchronised swimming, water polo, diving, basketball, handball, volleyball, fencing, rhythmic gymnastics, judo, wrestling and taekwondo, paralympic basketball and rugby.

After the renovations, the facility will feature a track, a water park with a 50m pool, a multipurpose arena, 112 accommodation rooms, fitness facilities, a first aid centre, medical treatment, physiotherapy and massage rooms, a steam room, a meeting room with multimedia equipment and a private room for the management office. And there will also be a restaurant, cafeteria and rest area.

Pernambuco’s economy is growing and sport is increasingly playing a greater role. The ‘Pernambucanos’ strongly believe there will be a legacy to the region from both the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games. Through the Centre, Brazil’s secretary of sport hopes to foster world class athletes.

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