Russia Attracts Scholars

Further to the Russian International Olympic University’s (RIOU) international Master of Sport Administration launch in July 2012, where Vladimir Potanin first unveiled 20 scholarships for RIOU’s MSA, The Vladimir Potanin Foundation has announced that the registration process for these scholarships is now open for the 2013 intake, with more information available at

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation will financially support 20 of the most talented and deserving successful applicants to the RIOU’s Master of Sport Administration course for the academic year beginning in September 2013. The MSA course will allow students to acquire new knowledge and skills in relation to sports organisations, sports events and sports event management – providing alumni with the skills to become future managers in the Olympic Movement. 

Vladimir Potanin, chairman of RIOU’s Supervisory Board, who has taken an active role in the University’s creation, commented on the scholarships: “I believe that personal endorsement is the most effective means to stimulate the best students. As one of the founders of RIOU, I would like the new MSA programme at the University to involve the brightest candidates from the outset. And a rigorous selection process is the best way to identify the best – and not just in the field of sport.”

Professor Lev Belousov, RIOU’s CEO, talked about what this will mean for the University: “We are so grateful to The Vladimir Potanin Foundation for offering us this amazing gift. At the University, our main priority is to have the most talented and deserving students learning with us. It is not always the case that these students have the best financial support – so these Foundation scholarships will help to ensure that the very best students are able to join for our first intake in 2013.”

The 20 students who are carefully selected by The Vladimir Potanin Foundation will receive a grant which will cover the fees of the full-time MSA course at the Russian International Olympic University, including all accommodation costs on the new state-of-the-art RIOU campus during this time. Each of the 20 grants offered in 2013-14 will cover 1,000,000 rubles (approximately $30,000) per student. Applications for the scholarships can be made once a place on the MSA course has been secured.

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