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Entering the Russian market

"l’esperto di commercio russo, il “guru” Ignaty Dyakov"


      If you read an Italian newspaper Il Tirreno from 30th April 2013, you would find out, that Russia Local's director – Ignaty Dyakov, is a guru. How did he merit such a flattering appellation? Very simply. He accepted an invitation to Florence, Italy, and delivered a day-long training, during that he advised owners and staff members of more than a dozen boutiques and jewellery shops on Selling to Russian customers. 

‘Doing business in Russia: an Introduction’ workshop on 5th July in the City Business Library

      You are not an Italian luxury brand, but you want to learn about business possibilities in Russia nevertheless? Don't worry, we have an option for every pocket. You can join us on the 5th of July in the City Business Library in London, where we are giving a free-to-attend lecture on Doing business in Russia: an Introduction. Don't miss an opportunity to find out what Russian market's peculiarities are, how to attract Russian clients’ interest, what to say and what not to say when negotiating with Russians, how to find the right person to talk to and much much more. Admission is free, but the tickets must be booked via

      Keep track of the CBL website and book your tickets on time. The capacity is limited and according to our experience from the previous volume, the tickets go quickly.

The Guardian Q&A: Exporting to BRIC countries session

      Those who are too impatient to wait until the 5th of July can find many useful tips about exporting to BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) in the record of 

The Guardian Q&A session Russia Local took part in as an exert

      . The virtual Question & Answer meetings are organised by The Guardian on a regular basis and try to give answers to questions which are of interest or concern of small or medium size businesses. This time, the session looked at the following topics:
      • the benefits of trading with the BRIC countries;
      • country-specific business culture, practice and regulations;
      • what support is on offer to help your company;
      • experiences of small businesses who already export to these regions. 
      Besides other helpful information, you could learn that in Russia, “British goods and services are generally perceived to be something more than just good quality, it is also an aura, tradition, reputation, the sense of being closer to the British spirit. That's an added value which [Russian] customers look for.”
      The discussion leader – Emily Wight, laid a question, which may also be of your interest: “What are the top 5 reasons small business owners should export to Russia?” What do you think it could be? Try to get involved and guess the answer. If you are at your wit's end, you can find 

our answer in the round-up of the session HERE.



Book launching

      You are also warmly invited to join us for the launch of our 

Russian language textbook written by Ignaty Dyakov

       at The European Bookshop in 

Central London


13th June 7-9pm

      On the evening, Ignaty will talk about his experience of teaching Russian to business people, share some useful tips on learning Russian and then advise on how best to use the textbook he wrote. Some chapters from the book might be read aloud as well. The talk will be in English and questions and contribution to the discussion will be most welcomed. Drinks and veggie snacks will be provided. Ignaty was inspired to write the textbook in the form of a detective story that would also teach useful vocabulary and grammar structures after some of his business clients complained that existing text books were boring and had no relation to real life.

‘The Story Sensation: for learners of the Russian language (and not only for Guadeloupians!)’



       in Russian - is the result, containing approximately 800 words that are crucial for everyday communication, repeated in the text several times in different contexts and weaved into a detective story. The story is about a banker at the Guadeloupe national bank who loves singing and his yellow woollen scarf, against the evil Mr Schyokin who represents a major organisation aiming to control most of the world’s governments and finance.
      Both paper and audio versions of the book are now available for sale from 

The European Bookshop

       as well as from other major British bookstores and Amazon
      5% of all proceeds go to the SOS Children's Villages orphanage in the Leningrad region, Russia.

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      This event is completely free-of-charge.

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