MEI hosted and ran a highly successful Brazil focused seminar entitled “Life After London 2012”. The logic for the timing of the event was to reinforce that MEI tends to place its focus in Major Events long duration build up given the considerable modernisation of all capabilities to help host successful Games and legacy. So delegates took the opportunity to attend in the small window before London 2012 started. The aim was achieved by the many delegates who are now much better informed about their own potential to succeed in new markets such as Brazil – the new global focus for major events the minute London 2012 is over. 

Watch our video short of the day below:


The approach taken to the day was a range of briefings about opportunities in Brazil, how best to ensure that risk is reduced and how to access key information. We were particularly fortunate to be briefed by Vitoria Nabas, senior partner of Nabas Legal – a specialist international law firm based in London but with a strong presence in Brazil – on both why Brazil is such an attractive market but also some of the contractual and employment issues which new market entrants need to be aware of before rushing to get established. Vitoria was then followed by Robert Walker, Director, Global Security Centre, International SOS on some of the planning issues which are recommended before undertaking trips to Brazil which was well received as many of the issues raised are easily overlooked. We were also fortunate that, Evandro Figueira of Bandsport in Sao Paulo was able to brief us on trends in the sports market in Brazil. Evandro is here to cover the London Olympics and gave us a fascinating insight into where companies may wish to bring their focus in the future. MEI brought this part to a close by covering the opportunities in Brazil and their experience of how best to achieve success. A key part of this briefing was undertaken by Jalil Balolia who is working with MEI on the content of the revised Brazil Digest and how best to communicate the data and information we have to best meet your needs and together with Chris Juett who is responsible for the delivery of this Digest, they gave attendees a quick oversight of this new product.

The main part of the seminar was brought to a conclusion by two key-note speakers. Firstly we were delighted that Sergio Gullo, Chief Representative to the Brazilian Stock Exchange and deputy chairman of the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce was able to present his insights as why Brazil is such a vital growing market that we all need to be aware of and make a plan of action. This was the ideal way to put all the discussions during the afternoon into context. Finally, we were privileged that Sir John Armitt was able to take the time to both attend and speak. Sir John is best known recently for his role as Chairman for Olympic Delivery Authority London 2012 which has had incredible success at not only delivery of a complex programme to time and cost, but with a major emphasis on Temporary Overlay, which as he pointed out is very much a theme in Brazil, and Sustainability. Sir John is also the Chairman of the British Business Club and we believe that MEI events such as this support this important initiative.

After a long but highly informative afternoon, delegates were able to network and enjoy a question and answer session from Sir John whilst enjoying some Brazilian wine and supported by Honeywell Control Systems.

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