The MEI community extends a warm welcome to Chris Brown who is the new lead for our activities in Rio. Chris has a strong Communications and Business Strategy background and brings a powerful addition to the MEI team. Post London 2012, and the Summer holidays, we have seen an immediate uptake in interest in Brazil. Regrettably, some of this has been when companies have met significant challenges when operating unsupported and working remotely leading to the inevitable challenges which then occur. It is for this reason we firmly believe that our workshop approach to be very clear about how best to approach the market, working with Nabas Legal, is a highly optimal way to progress and then using our in-country team in Rio, Sao Paulo and Recife.

Subscription to the City Fact and Procurement Databases continues to grow. Please take the time to look at this area to see if this will help you with your business objectives: Try it for a month and we can then discuss if the information is sufficiently focused to meet your needs.

For those able to come to London, the British Ambassador to Brazil is addressing the next Brazil briefing on 3 October being run collaboratively with Deloitte and MEI. You are very welcome to register to come to this limited places event. All of this shows just how quickly things are developing in terms of company interest in Brazil and feel free to get in touch should you wish us to meet you to discuss how we can help de-risk your activities and or provide you additional expert resource.

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