The Soccerex 2012 trip marked a new stage of the mobilisation of MEI in Rio de Janeiro as Brazil moves into a three year period of major events and commercial opportunities.

MEI Associate Director Chris Brown has now been in the role in Rio de Janeiro since returning from a trip to the UK after London 2012. Chris is an international marketing and communications specialist with 16 years’ experience managing influential, global brands across a variety of industry sectors, including sport, toiletries, pharmaceutical, watches, toys and games, banking and telecommunications.

Thanks to varied experience taking in first, advertising, then sports journalism, brand, sports and commercial marketing, as well as creative copywriting, Chris developed into a communications specialist for large, international businesses and major brands. He combines a flair for marketing communications and customer understanding with commercial expertise. Importantly for his role with MEI, he also has a reputation for building and managing complex stakeholder relationships. Having arrived in Brazil in early 2010, he is also a Portuguese speaker with an understanding of local culture and practices.

With the whole Brazil team taking advantage of being together in one city, Chris and CEO Dennis Mills arranged a number of key meetings in Rio. In particular, they met with the Supply Chain Director and the Sponsorship Sales Manager of Rio 2016.

Discussions focused on the role of potential international partners with themed workshops, knowledge transfer and legacy being the key themes; areas that MEI are looking to develop and will come back with more information in 2013. The Committee also announced the launch of their Procurement Website, currently only available in Portuguese but with an English version to follow early next year.

It was also confirmed that the full schedule of sponsorship bids by category will not be publicised in advance, but will probably be launched two categories at a time every eight weeks, wi

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