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Supplying Qatar Events 
The visa requirements for companies providing goods and services to Qatar are outlined for MEI readers by Matthew Amoils, director, ASG Immigration. 

Brazil Embraces Naming 
The era of stadia naming rights has arrived in Brazil, writes MEI's João Frigerio. Ever since the stadia that are currently being built in Brazil were first planned, a lot has been said about naming rights and how that practice – common in the US and the UK and growing in several other European countries – could be fundamental to help clubs and other stadium owners to finance the construction of the new venues. 

Why Consider Russia
Russia is one of the world’s most important emerging markets, defined by both its size and its growth potential, writes MEI’s Jamie Thompson. 

Stadia and Arena Istanbul
MEI speaks to Katie McIntyre, head of audience development for Stadia & Arena Events, the organiser of Stadia & Arena Istanbul 2013 (21-23 May 2013).

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