MEI Partner: Suprastadio at Coliseum Summit, Doha, Qatar.

On the 16th and 17th of November 2013 at 10 AM, the much anticipated summit will take place at Aspire Dome in Doha, Qatar.

Coliseum, the leading knowledge sharing platform for the stadium and arena venue industry worldwide is going to be hosting a stadium business conference. It will aim to promote and spread knowledge on anything and everything to do with stadiums by hosting talks and sharing best practice examples on the topic. 

Coliseum has secured the participation of major government authorities and organisations therefore bringing important decision makers to the conference once more. With international expertise from around the world, the event will be littered with the who’s who of the stadium business world.

This will also be an opportunity for Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee to give an update on the progress of their work in the lead up to the tournament.

A contender for the highlight of the conference will surely be the new Suprastadio technology. Coliseum summit is proud to exclusively announce this new stadium technology at our summit.  It was decided that Qatar has been chosen as the place to reveal the news in the Middle-East region.

Renowned stadium designer, Prof. Volkwin Marg will be giving his thoughts on the new designs for the Bernabeu stadium in Madrid as well as sharing his wealth of knowledge on stadium design in general.

Local Qatari company, Redco Construction will give a talk on a new high-end multi-purpose hall being built at the moment.

The home of football, Wembley stadium has a place at the Coliseum summit and will send consultants to talk about the 2013 champion’s league final and what it takes to make a floorless, safe and enjoyable event.

Qatar Olympic committee will focus on the themes of education and venue operation, this and plenty more case studies will be presented at the summit, this coming November.

Founder and CEO of the Coliseum conference brand, Michael Rennschmied said:

 “Year on year, the Coliseum summit is getting bigger and bigger but what is important is that the quality of the speakers and experts is still of the highest caliber. Coliseum is now an established player in the conference industry and a trusted one at that.”

The stadium design and construction world is a multi-million dollar industry with some of the World’s most iconic and technologically advanced structures, this is a prestigious event that is suitable for both, business and sports business companies.

Coliseum Summit is a conference and networking event dedicated to the various challenges and solutions needed in the stadium industry. This two day event is an international conference with exclusive presentations, case studies and interactive panel discussions.

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