Harry Walls, director associate at MEI USA outlines how MEI will be expanding its role with SEAT (Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology), the largest Technology Conference/Consortium in the US, dedicated to serving the Sports and Entertainment Industries.

In late October 2013, Dennis Mills, CEO of MEI and I had a conference call with Christine Stoffel, CEO of SEAT. Coming together at the annual SEAT Conference, members can collaborate with their peers to learn more about how to manage the complex information technology requirements at major sports and entertainment venues. They can discuss with others how to leverage the most current technologies to help them remain competitive in their particular industry.

The topics covered at the conference are aimed at those working in: CIO Core Technologies, CRM, Marketing, Fan Experience, Social Media and Digital Marketing Topics. This core group is the flywheel of every sports franchise, sports organisation, college, entertainment venue, casino, cruise line and entertainment organisation across the globe. 

Dennis and I are working with SEAT to help them expand the offering of their Conference/Consortium internationally. Additionally, the partnership between SEAT and MEI will provide mutual opportunities and benefits for both sides.

I have been invited to become a member of the Steering Committee for SEAT. I am a lead in the development of a new programme offering called the ‘Veterans Project’. This project is designed to establish partnerships and work with companies and organisations that are focused on the education, training and certification of military veterans. These veterans will then combine their past military experience and training with their newly learned technology training and be able to pursue a career within the Sports and Entertainment Industries.


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