Portable Flooring Maximises Income for Multipurpose Venues

Every public and private venue needs to maximise the use of its facilities writes Ricardo Demarchi from MEI’s Brazil Team, however the challenge for multipurpose venues is maximising facility use while meeting the needs of diverse user groups. Today’s arenas need to be able to set-up multiple flooring surfaces to accommodate various disciplines, thereby enhancing the venue’s flexibility, appeal and last but not least generate more income.

Arenas that can rotate from basketball to volleyball court to concerts during the course of a week are considered more profitable even though it would take time and manpower to change the features around. Event complexes comprising of arenas and exhibition spaces experience even more profit capabilities. These facilities host sporting tournaments that can accommodate larger groups taking advantage of both spaces and floors.

In summary, some of the most profitable operating venues can accommodate professional sports as well as hosting teaching seminars. They often have an exhibition hall with additional meeting rooms, concession areas, and pavilions. These facilities host a wide range of events from sports tournaments to business trade shows with a professional level of service and high end facilities.

From experience in the sport and business industries, the most desirable arenas would be those where athletic sporting performance is a top priority. Whilst most of the internal facilities could be shared, venue managers aiming at profitable business models should have great flooring systems.

To resolve this problem and help venues Action Floor has developed the NitroPanel FC FIBA Certified floor system that meets and exceeds FIBA Level 1 Competition requirements. With NitroPanel FC, a venue might qualify for Olympic Tournament and FIBA World Championship with a floor that can be set and removed in matters of hours.

Besides the great engineering of the NitroPanel portable floor system, the main benefit venue managers and owners will have is through the durability and ease of handing, which will enhance the floor’s life.

Action Floor offers the lightest performance floors available on the market today. The lower weight means the crew suffers less fatigue as the panels are easier to handle, move, adjust, and install. A crew that is less fatigued is not as prone to injury and is more attentive to the task at hand, resulting in less handling damage with the panels.

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