Football World Cup Visit Support

MEI is delighted to announce that Marco Alves has joined the London MEI team to lead on all matters for Security support in Brazil and is the first point of contact for other matters as well if you are planning to go Brazil for the Tournament or prior to the first match. If you need tickets for the games and hotels, Barbara Barbalat is another member of our Brazil team with expertise relating to tourism and we can provide all  that you need to make your visit safe and well supported using the local teams in Rio, Sao Paulo and the North East.

Marco has just returned from 5 years of operating in the security environment in Brazil, latterly working with partners to establish a security consultancy and manpower provision company. He has extensive knowledge of this market therefore and he will be the bridge into Brazil for security matters whether your needs are logistic protection, critical sites, VIP support and routine guarding. His expertise is also in Risk Management advice, research, regular reports and pre-visit briefings. Due diligence on potential partners and for acquisitions is another strength.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need support in Brazil as MEI is an integrator of all services you need in this vibrant major event market.

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