Business Opportunities around the 2014 World Cup and Olympic Games in Brazil

In the summer of this year, and subsequently in 2016, Brazil will be hosting two of the world’s most popular, major events. This will focus the international eye on Brazil and its hosting cities, giving excellent possibilities to present expertise, and opening up business opportunities and markets to be explored.

It is important to note the challenges that appear regarding business in Brazil such as the language barrier, competitors, and the different way in which business and bureaucracy work; so as not to enter with a foreign ignorance, but an understanding of how establishments function in one of the biggest countries in the world.

Many opportunities exist; including the fact that it is a new and massive market, that there are many areas for growth and improvement, and that in Brazil they now need international and proven expertise.

The economy and the government see the necessity for investment in infrastructure and although the public sector is difficult to work with, the private sector is strong. In addition with the extensive political influence, projects in Brazil move forward faster and are more focused on results and profit margins.

From reviewing the final preparations for the World Cup, and how the event is delivered, it is also a good opportunity to learn from any mistakes and to see the areas that can be improved for the Olympics.

The main fields identified for opportunities for business in Brazil include; the fitting out and overlay of the stadia, temporary structures, games services, arena management, communication, marketing, sponsorship and brand activation. Also security consulting, accommodation planning, and Fan Fests.

The GREAT programme is one to be noted as well. Organised by UKTI and holding events around Brazil during the tournament to promote the UK, it will have access to numerous important figures in Brazil, from diplomats to influential business figures.

There will be a specific building in São Paulo for use with this programme, called the GREAT Britain House, to host events and provide space for UK companies during the World Cup.

The benefits of this programme for UK businesses include sponsorship opportunities, being listed in an online business directory, attendance at headline events, use of space and items for exhibition at GREAT Britain House, and joint competitions with GREAT social media channels in Brazil.

In conclusion, there are numerous opportunities in Brazil due to the World Cup and the Olympic Games to create business, develop relationships, and to explore new markets; and as long as the mentioned challenges are addressed, the new links with Brazil can be beneficial to all involved.

Lucas Lacombe & Ricardo Demarchi

MEI Associate Directors, North East Brazil

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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