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Quadratica UK speaks to MEI  about the importance of security training for major events                                                                                                 

Quadratica UK Ltd is essentially a software development company which specialises in the provision of security training products. Its forte is providing eLearning solutions for all aspects of checkpoint security operations from how to search someone to interpreting the images produced by the security X-ray equipment. Quadratica UK explains to MEI why such technology is so vital for major events...

The Importance of Investing in Security Training

As major events are an obvious target for terrorism and other malcontents to use as a stage for their cause, Quadratica UK is keen to highlight how the provision of professional security screening is an extremely important necessity. As managing director, Chris Grey, explains: “It is an unfortunate fact of life that societies around the world experience attacks from extremists of many flavours and if we are to ensure that human lives are disrupted as little as possible we have to take measures to safeguard people. Without good training that safeguard will no doubt fail and lives will be lost.”

Major Events Come with Particular Problems

The major event industry is a highly lucrative and iconic market but major events come with their own particular problems. They exist for a short amount of time and therefore a large proportion of those tasked to provide security will be brand new hires with no experience at all. Grey insists, therefore, that: “The only viable way to provide mass training to a consistent standard is to use our products. The skill of image interpretation, for example, is extremely vulnerable to skill loss (it is a skill which requires constant refresher training) so it is not possible to commence training personnel for an event six months prior to the opening ceremony; you have to leave it until the very last moment.“

Building up Major Events Expertise

Quadratica UK’s history with major sporting events dates back to the Sydney Olympics where it went through the tender process but did not land a contract as the Organising Committee expected the machine manufacturer to provide the training. Fortunately, it had established a classroom with the New South Wales Police and was able to use its training facility to bridge the gap sufficiently so that there were enough security personnel trained to ensure that the checkpoints could operate.

The company’s next foray into major sports events was for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver where it was contracted by Contemporary Security Canada to provide X-Screen image recognition training in order to train new recruit personnel in that skill.

Finally Quadratica UK was selected by Rapiscan to provide the security training for the London 2012 Olympics. This required, ultimately, 22,300 personnel to be trained over a two month period. Quadratica UK delivered this large contract with great success. As Grey proudly explains, everyone who was involved in this event as a ‘customer’ agreed that the professional way in which the security checkpoints reflected on the capability of Quadratica UK to deliver high quality training to large numbers of personnel spread over a short time span.

Quadratica UK is keen to continue to take advantage of future major events including the Rio 2016 Olympics and believe that its technology is part of vital training needed to ensure these notable events are safe for all those attending.


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