Major Events International, in partnership with Shared Services Solutions, a Membership expert company and one of the only of its kind, will be launching the new membership scheme in July.  There will be no change to the fundamental premise of the MEI member network, which seeks to provide a variety of benefits for its Members to enhance their success in the iconic and fixed deadline market that is Major Events. However, with the help of David Friend, Managing Director of Shared Services Solutions, the new scheme will work to identify how we can work with you to provide even more value to your membership.

The new approach is aimed at ensuring that the customer community for Major Events increasingly use the Membership scheme as a natural first point of contact to identify those who are the active players in the Major Events industry. Credibility is a vital part of this and we will review all companies before they join the network. Constructing a truly global network across both sectors and countries will also be a priority.

Lastly, we will be reinforcing the London MEI team and we will be encouraging much greater communication and feedback with all our members.

Current member opportunities

In the upcoming months, you have the opportunity to share a stand with us, amongst other discounted options, at two notable Expos – Soccerex Global Convention and Rugby Expo 2014 – being held in September and October respectively.

There will also be an export-focused event with a Brazil case study held on 2nd July in London where members can also hear about the government match funding scheme GrowthAccelerator. On 3rd July, the next Security and Resilience Briefing will be held at the offices of global engineering consultants, Mott Macdonald and on 6th August we will be hosting an Australia briefing with Jann Stuckey, State minister for Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games. 

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