New Major Events Transport Security Conference for 2014

Decades of tackling threats from home and abroad and notable success in the handling of events such as the London Olympics has enabled the UK to add transport security for major events to the long list of security areas that the country excels in.

Indeed, it is already exporting its expertise to the rest of the world with the 2014 Brazil World Cup showing that best practice in this area is being implemented in even the most difficult of locations and scenarios abroad.

The numbers thrown up when analysing the Brazil World Cup security effort were frankly staggering as the host nation bid to tackle a cocktail of potential problems including a high crime rate, terrorism, social unrest, the hooligan factor and a mass influx of drunken revellers from around the globe.

A total $900 million security budget included 150,000 public security professionals and military, 20,000 private security professionals and a ratio of one police officer per 50 people attending matches. Add to this a fleet of deadly aircraft such as F-5M tiger interceptors and Black Hawk helicopters and you have just about the largest army of security personnel and associated vehicles ever assembled for a single event.

If you want some extra perspective on those figures at the previous World Cup in South Africa the host nation set aside $150 million for security with some $70 million spent on deploying 31,000 extra police for the event and $65 million on crowd control equipment, helicopters and water cannons etc. At the 2012 London Olympics, Britain budgeted a similar figure to the Brazil World Cup security figure of £553 million ($890 million) on securing the capital plus £475 million ($760 million) for army, security services and additional police spending.

Of course in Brazil there were pockets of concerns at the World Cup that grabbed headlines but in comparison to the tidal wave of concern and negativity that swept the tournament into the country it was a successful security operation and one that has calmed most fears ahead of Brazil’s hosting of the 2016 Olympics.

Major events have never been in greater proliferation throughout the globe as traditional regular events such as the Olympics, Football tournaments and music festivals are been supplemented by new events that in many areas are being implemented as a catalyst for economic growth.

In response to this, Transport Security Expo (TRS) 2014 has reacted through its organisers and advisory board to add a Major Events Transport Security’ one day conference. The day will offer an unparalleled networking and educational opportunity for anyone involved in any level of major events transport security. 

MEI will take a shared stand at Transport Security Expo and invites members to exhibit on the stand at a significantly reduced rate. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

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