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MEI’s membership partner, Shared Services Solutions (SSS) has a long history of creating significant revenue streams for organisations by activating and driving successful membership programs and has even used their unique approach to membership with His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

 “The Dalai Lama Tour of Australia engaged SSS to run their benefactor and merchandise program in 2007,” explained SSS managing director, David Friend.  “After working mainly in the sporting arena it was an interesting challenge to develop a program for the tour, but we discovered that our approach can work as well for a peace movement as it can for a sporting team – I suppose they are both religions!”

David Friend is the founder of SSS. Established in 2004, he has worked with some of the largest names in sport in Australia, as well as corporate and not for profit organisations to assist them in achieving record membership and merchandise results. SSS now works internationally with a range of corporate and not for profit clients.

Friend believes that many organisations overlook the benefits that come with a membership program, in particular the ability to drive large revenue streams.

“Membership should be viewed as one of the top three income streams of an organisation, an income stream that if nurtured and loved can provide funds for endless years.  The beauty of membership is that if you loose a few members you won’t go broke overnight – lose one major sponsor and you can be in real trouble”, he says.

Recent past trends have dictated a move away from membership and a reliance of digital only methods of membership recruitment and retention have not delivered the membership panacea one had hoped”, he said “Digital platforms, special developed mobile apps and email campaigns can all work well and it is important to move with the trends and the needs of supporters.  But they work best if they are complementing a strong central strategy.  Without the correct foundations a membership program will not do as well and growth will be hampered. 

So what is the secret to building a good strong membership program?

“There are around a dozen key elements crucial to the success of a membership program.  But the two that are integral to the success of a program are having a focused and positive internal culture that supports and believes in membership and a well thought out written strategy that is referred to often and accessible to all those involved in membership management.”

SSS invite you to contact them to discuss how a strategically developed membership program could improve your bottom line.  For more information contact David Friend This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and view their website at

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