IndigoVision Safeguards Horses at the Hippodrome de Vincennes

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Hippodrome de Vincennes, in France, was founded in 1863 and has a long, proud history in the horse racing industry. Since 1920, it has hosed the Prix D’Amerique, one of the most prestigious horse races in the world.
In addition to providing video security for high value horses, there is increasing pressure from agencies to tackle threats such as the illegal and prohibited use of substance doping. High quality live and recorded video evidence became a major requirement, as did the ability to prove that recorded video had not been tampered with.
Unfortunately, they found that their existing surveillance system did not meet these requirements, as recorded video did not meet the quality standards of the agencies.

The new IndigoVision solution provides Hippodrome de Vincennes with much more a reliable and user-friendly system and meets the tough requirements set out by the agencies.
IndigoVision’s video management software, Control Center, has been installed within multiple locations of the racecourse, allowing the horses and the activities of staff and visitors to be easily monitored. Crucially, Control Center is able to provide synchronised playback, giving simultaneous view of multiple camera recordings, a vital feature for doping investigations.
The synchronised video can be exported from Control Center, allowing footage to be played outside the security system on any PC. This allows video evidence to be handed to external agencies, without the need to remove the original recordings.
As the exported video is digitally watermarked, the high quality video evidence can be shown in the playback software that it has not been tampered with at any point of the investigation chain.
"A powerful video surveillance system is an indispensable tool in our mission to protect the health of horses." Commented Franck-Philippe Rafalovic, Cheval Français. "We deployed IndigoVision’s solution to guarantee the highest level of image quality for both live and recorded video."

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