member logoHello business digest reader, I’m delighted to talk to you about the new membership scheme just re-launched with the support of David Friend from Shared Services Solutions. I’m Marina and I have just started at MEI with the excting role of raising awareness of the new membership scheme. And it is a pleasure to see that the hard work of MEI  staff  constantly developing new and exciting benefits and experiences for our members whilst also striving to continue to improve and extend our support services is being valued by all of you.

The feedback I have received from our community about our benefits shows trust, loyalty and the strong ties MEI has developed over the years.  

If you still haven’t taken a look at the new overarching membership scheme we run; hurry up! Membership of MEI is for you if you want to have representation on the global events stage and want to be seen as a significant player in this iconic market.

Our members are at the top of their game or heading there. They are determined to succeed and membership is all about winning more major event business, either building on existing credentials or embarking on the major events journey.

We provide our members with an outstanding personalized service that helps to gain more bids, make more connections and create greater business knowledge - we like to think of it as your personal major events concierge service.

A few of the benefits on offer include use of a members portal, a Major Events digest, free and priority access to events, high level introductions and inside information from people that have years of experience in the field.

Become part of the multi-sector major events community that shares, connects and helps you to win more business.

It is a “must be in it” if you are a serious player in the most iconic market in the world – major sporting events.

Take the time to assess the benefits for new members and we will be delighted to welcome you into our community and introduce you to our members, friends and partners.

For more information on the benefits of the MEI membership scheme contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and visit our website at:

See you at the next networking event for a drink or two to celebrate your new membership and success in the industry!

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