San Francisco 49ers’ VenueNext: A new era for sports venues

2014-09-08 13.07.51When Jed York and his team set out to build Levi’s Stadium, they knew they wanted to push the boundaries and create something they believed in. Part of that was changing the game day experience for fans and making it significantly better than before. They assembled a technology team inside the San Francisco 49ers organisation and that team ultimately became a separate company in October 2013 named VenueNext. VenueNext announced in September the broader market availability of its technology platform that not only gives fans an entirely new way to experience live events, but also transforms the way venues use technology to improve their business and operating performance. For the first time, venue owners and operators have access to a sophisticated new set of tools that yield better and deeper insights into event-goer behaviour, and provide unprecedented real-time control and response abilities for event operations teams.

John Paul, CEO & Founder at VenueNext says he wants th

e company to become the “nerve center for all live events”. “Today,” continued Paul, “venues have systems that exist, but they are disjointed and isolated. We’ve created a way for these systems to talk to each other so that fans have a completely seamless and much better experience than ever before. And because of our platform’s ability to connect fans with the stadium, venue operators and event producers can take full advantage of the flood of data and analytics collected by our unifying technology to create a smarter venue.” 

VenueNext collaborated closely with the San Francisco 49ers and Levi’s® Stadium to elevate every aspect of a fan’s experience at Levi’s Stadium, starting with the recently Levi’s® Stadium App for iOS and Android. During the first seven events, fans have responded well to the app with adoption and usage rates that far exceed industry benchmarks. 



Al Guido, Chief Operating Officer at the San Francisco 49ers said, “I believe what VenueNext has created is unprecedented in the world of sports and will start the next wave of technology for live events. Their platform enhances the game day experience for our fans and provides the team with unlimited data that we use to streamline our business operations. VenueNext’s app teaches us more about all of our fans, not just season ticket members, so we can better tailor offerings and experiences to each individual fan.” 

Beyond sports, VenueNext intends to forever change live events like concerts, conferences or theme parks -- wherever people pay to be entertained at an event or facility, consume food and beverages and purchase merchandise. The company is based in Palo Alto, California and New York, NY.

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