From Glasgow to Gold Coast; join MEI’s mission to Australia

iStock 000004461701 ExtraSmallWith next year’s Asian Football Cup and Cricket World Cup both taking place down under, there’s no denying that Australia is gaining a fantastic reputation for hosting world class events.

It came as no surprise then that the iconic Gold Coast was chosen to host the next Commonwealth Games in 2018, following this summer’s successful event in Glasgow. Given the historical links between Britain and Australia, it goes without saying there are a number of business opportunities in Australia for British companies who would like to export their expertise from Glasgow and beyond.

The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games will take place over 11 days in April 2018 and will bring together 6,500 athletes and officials from 71 member countries participating in 17 sports. The opportunity is therefore too great to ignore. With a wealth of experience built up supporting and supplying events such as the 2012 Olympics and 2014 Commonwealth Games, British companies stand in prime position to take advantage of these opportunities. Gold Coast 2018’s well planned procurement cycle kicks in to action in 2015 meaning now is the time to start looking outward.

Australia is viewed as an ‘easy’ market to enter and establish your business in, with the only real downside being the distance. British companies in particular get a head start when it comes to the language, culture and legal system. Companies ranging from corporate to SME can all position themselves to win business in Australia either on their own, through a supply chain or joint venture/partnership.

MEI Associate Direction in Sydney, Ericc Winton said, ‘This is a fantastic time for companies to be looking at the Australian market. With local support available and collaboration with Australian government, MEI are uniquely positioned to help you take that next step in establishing your business down under.’

Outward mission to Australia – April 2015

Working in association with the Queensland Government, ADS and UKTI Major Events International (MEI) are planning to take a business mission to Australia in April 2015 to run workshops with key Gold Coast 2018 officials and meet potential business partners. Click here to read more and contact Richa Ghai +44 207 073 2661 by 19 December to register your interest.

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