Major Events CTX Preview

iStock 000001843987 ExtraSmallThe terrorist attacks in Sydney and more recently, in Paris, have made Counter Terror Expo (CTX) 2015 an even more significant event. To be held in Olympia, London on 21-22 April, the exhibition and conference are expected to attract over 10,000 professionals from the security sector.

The exhibition, featuring over 300 exhibitors, will have on display the latest counter terror products, technologies, systems and services. In recent years the event has been the launch platform for some of the most innovative products on the market. This year CTX is celebrating British security and defence technologies by providing a stage for UK small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to illustrate how they can offer an advanced technology option to the UK Home Office and MOD, as well as governments around the world. With the UK government intending to spend 25% on projects with SMEs in 2015 the event’s Advanced Technologies Stage has been designed to provide a platform to attract the attention of a professional audience with high specification and procurement power.

New feature zones

CTX 2015 will see the launch of a range of interactive Feature Zones. Dedicated to Policing & Special Ops, Advanced Technologies and Cyber Threat Intelligence, they will provide a forum for the detailed exploration of crucial aspects of counter terrorism, as well as hosting seminar sessions and capability demonstrations


As usual, there will be a conference running alongside the exhibition. It will bring together over 150 internationally recognised experts in the field of counter terrorism annually to debate the issues we face, define operational strategies and help shape future policy within the secure conclave of a conference. The Conference is split up in to streams including the World Terror Congress, Transport Security Live, Cyber Threat Intelligence, and Critical National Infrastructure.

The threat to infrastructure from terror groups has been a constant and growing one. As evidenced by the assaults on oil/petrochemical facilities in Algeria, Iraq and Nigeria, together with potential attacks on nuclear power stations, the sector presents a broad range of opportunities to terror groups, and significant risks to governments and industry. The ‘Critical National Infrastructure’ (CNI) seminar ranges across the options for identifying threats as well as solutions. Important updates will be given by the UK Home Office's Security and Counter Terrorism department, GCHQ, NATO, and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe

The CNI conference will bring together owners and operators, policy makers, practitioners and key supply chains to deliver insights into infrastructure protection and unveil new developments in security and resilience. Participants will include Francis Morgan, Security Director, Heathrow Airport; Mark Prouse, Head of Security & Resilience Policy & Response, Department of Energy & Climate Change; Graham Wright, CISO & Head of Digital, National Grid; and Thomas Wuchte, Head of Anti-Terrorism Issues, Action Against Terrorism Unit, Organisation for Security Co-operation in Europe.

Venue security

To provide pin-point clarity on what is involved in the provision of security and the mitigation of threats on the ground, the CNI seminar also has feature presentations on the challenges of security at sporting facilities such as Wembley Stadium - an example of the large number of such facilities that can accommodate close to 100,000 spectators - and the re-built New York World Trade Centre.

Exhibitor Total Post provides x-ray screening at CTX. Communications manager Kate Simpson said venue managers don’t always take the issue of security as seriously as they should.

She said: “Some venues don’t make a priority of checking bags and coats and they represent the biggest threat to security at an event. If a bottleneck happens we are often told just to let people through, but if you manage the x-ray procedure properly then bottlenecks wouldn’t happen in the first place. You don’t need to go as far as body scanners, x-ray machines that can check bags and packages will be sufficient for most events. Many venues don’t seem to have security in place permanently and they should be thinking about doing that. It shouldn’t take something serious to happen to make security a priority.”

David Thompson, CTX Event Manager said, “Trade shows increasingly attract an international audience of VIPs from across the public, political, police, military and commercial sectors. This is reflected by the significant number of high profile speakers and visitors that are expected to attend Counter Terror Expo in April.

“The equipment, technology and services that are designed to safeguard conference venues and similar arenas play a pivotal part in protecting the public.”

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