Introducing Design Security Ltd

designsecuritylogoDesign Security Ltd are specialists in Stadium Security, we offer highly qualified, impartial advice on security and risk management for prestigious projects, delivering the highest industry standards while ensuring the most cost effective solutions. 

Our Services are:

At the forefront of security design for sports venues. Team members have provided best value solutions to a range of clients from Premiership football Clubs to physical security leadership for the 2012 Olympics, delivering the first ever sports stadium project to achieve ‘Secured by Design’ status. 

Driving standards forward for the industry. We have a leading role in International standards;produced the American National Security Institute (ANSI) standard for security management (physical asset protection) on behalf of ASIS International in 2011/2012.

Impartial;independent of suppliers of manufacturers of equipment, ensures we only act in the interests of our clients. 

We provide risk based and cost effective approach to design, enabling you to secure your assets. We specialise in securing the built environment utilising a blend of physical, technical and procedural security. Our integrated approach and multi-disciplinary understanding has benefited governments, businesses and individuals worldwide.

Case studies

Stadium Design

Design Security Ltd have extensive stadium design experience, understanding of the operational needs of the stadium and importance of managing risk within cost constraints for these high-profile projects. We are currently using this expertise in undertaking detailed design of technical security systems for a stadium build. 

Design Security Ltd were approached to review the design of previous security consultants who had not understood how control measures recommended by them would impact on the operation of a critical space.  In failing to accurately analyse risk from the various stakeholder’s perspectives they had written generically about security standards without understanding the specific implications across this construction project.

An example of value added by Design Security Ltd was where previous consultants had recommended glazing for lounges overlooking the seating bowl, which would have given a window thickness of over 80mm.  Design Security Ltd reviewed the risk, highlighted the other physical controls that would be present and argued that the risk was greatly reduced.  Agreement of all key stakeholders was sought on a revised approach enabling glazing thickness to be reduced to around 11mm, providing significant cost saving while maintaining the stadium operator’s vision for the operation of the spaces. 

This demonstrates the importance of engaging specialist stadium security design from the outset of a project, and the need to recommend physical mitigation measures relevant and feasible to the proposed design and its operational needs.  Design Security Ltd is capable of analysing security risks with a clear understanding of how an adversary could exploit weakness and can recommend suitable mitigations measures that are cost effective at reducing risks.

Oil and Gas Asset Protection and Risk Management

Design Security Ltd is able to operate across a range of commercial sectors, assisting clients to understand the risks specific to their operation and develop risk management plans to ensure a dynamic and resilient approach is maintained. 

At a time of heightened political tensions in Egypt, an Oil and Gas client recognised the need to evaluate their risk management process and security vulnerability of their assets and engaged ISARR to assist them.  A significant factor in the process would be physical security protection; ISARR approached Design Security Ltd as independent experts in this area to support the project. 

“As part of the service Design Security Ltd not only advised on risk and mitigation measures but assisted us in developing tools to enable the client understand and maintain their risk management process” (ISARR)

Among these tools were security survey questions and scenario plans that could be used by the client across their estate, adding on-going benefit and learning to the risk process. 

“The client valued the independent expert advice provided Design Security Ltd and as a result they were tasked to undertake reviews of all site assets countrywide.” (ISARR)

The demanding program of surveys was completed in challenging conditions achieving its ambitious timeframe. 

“The comprehensive qualitative and quantitative risk management process achieved from the project not only helped the client protect their assets in Egypt, but was adopted as a methodology across the clients international estate” (ISARR)

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Product Design

Design Security Ltd recognises the need for protection measures to adapt to emerging threats and is actively involved in the design of new and innovative technologies to counter these.  Attacks on utility services, particularly data cabling is a significant threat for which Design Security Ltd has contributed to an innovative solution. 

Recognising the threat to infrastructure Design Security Ltd sought innovative solutions and formed a design partnership with Hugslock Systems, who provide a means of securing utility covers and the services beneath from a range of threats. Design Security Ltd provided key expertise in criminology, using this to determine what attracts offenders to attack assets and advised on appropriate programmes of independent product testing, ensuring the product achieved the international standards to provide quality assurance for its customers. 

Design Security Ltd understand the needs of the customer, the risks they face and solutions to mitigate it, they are a unique source of independent advice in security engineering and we look forward to developing further products with their support” (Hugslock Systems)

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