The Rio of Major Events

iStock 000001221814SmallThe city of Rio de Janeiro has been experiencing a period of major events since 2007, when it hosted the greatest Pan American Games in history, recognized by the International Olympic Committee. From there, worldwide scrutiny of the city has increased. 

FIFA giving the go-ahead for hosting the World Cup back in 2008, and the city being chosen in 2009 to host the Summer Olympics have served as a introduction for the world to acknowledge our realization capabilities, of our urban renewal projects, all under way, and reinforce the role that Rio de Janeiro has in the country – cultural and formative center, trendsetter and gateway for investments.

From then on, the recognition of that productive force can be measured in numbers. The city has received major investments in its airport infrastructure, begun its project to revitalize its waterfront, delivered 91km of high capacity transport pathways – Bus Rapid Transit (BRTs) – with an injection of R$ 1.7 billion in the city’s economy, which prepared and qualified the city to receive over 880.000 tourists and have a near 100% occupation rate in its hotels during the 35 days of the World Cup.

However, if until now the numbers are impressive, in the coming 20 months, the economy’s boost will be superlative. Leading up to the 2016 Games, Rio de Janeiro has experienced an unprecedented exposure. Besides the already traditional Réveillon in Copacabana, which in 2014 matched the World Cup’s performance and brought approximately 800.000 tourists to the city, and Carnaval, which surpasses the mark of one million people, the period will also include the celebrations for the city’s 450-year anniversary, another edition of the Rock in Rio music festival and dozens of test-events for the Olympics.

That realization capability and the growth potential in services offered – fulfilling its calling for entertainment, tourism and the creative industry – form the perfect scenario to attract new business.

Starting in August, there will be the launch of the Brasil Business Embassy, a 60-week long business program, taking place at Rio House, an area of 1.500 m2 in the heart of the city’s recently renovated Harbor, which takes advantage of the beautiful landscape of Guanabara Bay. This “business center” will gather investors, entrepreneurs, companies and its executives, financiers, regulators, authorities, thinkers and innovators. Throughout seven themes – Energy, Technology, Life Sciences, Creative Industry, Infrastructure, Tourism and Business Environment – individual meetings and seminars for hundreds of guests will take place.

Rio is potentiating the spectacular exposure that these major events provide to reposition its image, in order to attract investments, generate wealth, built an economic and social legacy, as well as improve its business environment.

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