Members gain firsthand advice on Rio2016 bidding

iStock 000001221814SmallOn Monday 2nd March Major Events International were delighted to host Raphael de Faro of ADCM law for a roundtable discussion on taxation and the bidding process for Rio2016. 

Visiting from Sao Paulo, Raphael started his presentation with a briefing on the upcoming tender opportunities for the 2016 Olympics and advised members to check the Rio2016 procurement portal regularly as it changes daily. Members learnt more about the bidding process and Raphael advised on the taxation registration requirements in order to become accredited in the procurement process. Raphael stressed that each procurement category has its own list of requirements and foreign companies bidding for the games need either a Brazilian domicile in Rio de Janeiro with powers to act on their behalf or a partnership with a local company dependent on the nature of the opportunity they are bidding for.

Members also received information on hiring employees in Brazil, where companies must have an established company in Brazil to do so. Raphael warned that companies hiring staff in Brazil are subject to high payroll tax that can be a limiting factor when seeking to set up in Brazil.

Rio2016 have implemented some tax incentives for suppliers to the Olympics, Raphael also explained. For consumable products with upto 1 year’s lifespan there is no tax on import. For non-consumable products however, tax is suspended and goods must be re-exported by 31st December 2017 or donated to the Brazilian government.

After a lively discussion Raphael offered some key advice to members in attendance:

Starting your own company from scratch is a risky process

Look for partnership opportunities, performing necessary due diligence checks

Look for a distributor

Don’t sign standard contracts, revise these thoroughly

For more information on the Rio2016 bidding process and how MEI and partners can support you, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on +44 207 073 2661

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