Reflections on Brazil

With less than 500 days until the Rio2016 Olympic games, MEI continues to provide support to companies seeking to win contracts in this iconic market. Procurement across many functional areas is about to reach an intensive peak with 2016 staff working intensively to meet some challenging deadlines. It is not too late for companies to investigate the feasibility of winning contracts as MEI has first-hand evidence of companies, with relevant previous Games experience, having intelligent engagement with key staff to help share their learning to mutual benefit.

Some quick points to check if you have any nervousness about your preparations to tender and if in doubt, get in touch and we will help advise you or put you in contact with our service provider partners:

1.       It is essential to register on the 2016 Portal but a reminder not to be put off if it appears your submission has not been accepted; you will get notification of tenders in your sector. If in doubt, get in touch with us and we can verify this on your behalf.

2.       Start with the assumption that there is a capacity issue for most goods and staff in Rio and verify if this is correct to avoid late notice surprises. The high peak of demand will stretch availability and this will need to be factored into your planning.

3.       Tax is complex but we can connect you to the right people who can help advise you as to your liabilities and best option to safely clarify matters pre-tender.

4.       Shipping costs for those moving stock could be considerable and our service provider partner, SOS Global Express who are well established in Brazil, can work with you once you have a feel for possible requirements.

5.       Local partnerships are one area where we see more mistakes than probably any other aspect of operations in Brazil. Decisions are made too quickly, with inappropriate due-diligence, and the results are frustration, delay and unnecessary risk. This is equally applicable to finding suppliers who you will depend on and the local MEI staff can help with the identification, verification and first contact with suitable partnerships.

6.       Commitment to work within a team committed to Games success, an awareness that budgets are tight, so offering Value in Kind where this is possible, with the right local presence are essential “soft” components which make a difference in Brazil, especially in the current turbulent environment.

There are some challenges for sure even if the above is in hand. Security, as an example, has moved out of 2016’s remit to “Government” but there is a lack of clarity around what this will mean for procurement. We have put considerable effort into understanding who are the key stakeholders and are recommending that suppliers present to a Brasilia-based committee which MEI can arrange for you. Clearly the role and scope of supply for Sponsors is another factor but the key issue which companies need to be alert to is time.

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