Inspired by Nepal, Brewed in Manchester.

MEI sponsors Khukuri Beer UK Ltd have announced they will be rebranding the beer and launching a special edition for the next two years to celebrate the Bicentenary of relations between the UK and Nepal.


To well informed beer lovers who respect and buy British quality, heritage and tradition and like several beers with friends. Khukuri is Britain's only distinctive, flavoursome and easy drinking lager which celebrates the pride and teamwork of the bravest Nepalese and British.

Khukuri is a golden lager with a great depth of flavour, brewed to a Nepalese recipe by Manchester's only brewery using pure water from the Lake District. The brand takes its name from the traditional knives used in battle by the Nepalese Gurkha's, a brave brigade of soldiers serving in the British Army for nearly 200 years and which are still used today by the proud, hospitable Nepalese in the homes and countryside of the world's most mountainous country.

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