NBA integrated with electronics for Tory Conference

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NBA integrated with electronics for Tory conference

The National Barrier Asset (NBA) was established in 2004 to give UK police forces the capability to deploy temporary security barriers to protect high profile locations or temporary events, such as political conferences, from vehicle borne attacks.

The size of the NBA was tripled in 2008 and expanded again four years later to meet growing demand.

The Home Office owns the NBA while Sussex Police acts as the lead force for a framework agreement involving all police forces and all government departments, agencies and public bodies.

It includes a stock of TATA Bi-Steel products and Zaun security fencing which has been deployed at the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland in 2012, the NATO Conference in South Wales last September, and for the first time overseas at the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague in March 2013.

It is also rolled out each year for the major party political conference season.  In the autumn of 2014 Zaun used the Conservative Party Conference as an opportunity to demonstrate the possibilities offered by integrating CCTV with the fencing.

Electronic security developer and manufacturer EyeLynx, which is now part of the Zaun group, used its SharpView solution and integrated i-LIDS approved video analytics with Pharos Rapid Deployment CCTV on the fencing.

They created a rapid deployment CCTV tower with embedded cabling and an integrated power cabinet in the post base to enable quick and easy on-site deployment without the need for heavy machinery.  The whole set up was completely wire free with no external connections required.  With Harper Chalice PIDs now integrated too, it means Zaun has a total perimeter security solution specifically designed for temporary events.

They deployed two such towers each with a full HD1080p PTZ camera and adjoining wide-view slave cameras throughout the four days of the Tory conference at the ICC in Birmingham last September, helping to demonstrate how to reduce further the number of officers needed to police events of this nature.

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Only the master unit needs a SIM card, which provides remote connectivity over wireless 3G or 4G to beam video intelligence to a workstation or mobile device into which anyone authorised can dial to view live footage, or rewind and replay from any of the cameras.

Pharos records HD1080p video 24/7 and whenever a PID is activated or a potential intruder approaches too close to the fence, the system sends a snapshot alert to the control centre for visual verification – or even to assigned personal mobile devices, such as the police chief or nearest constable to the breach.

West Midlands Police hailed the integration of the most advanced electronics and top end CCTV as an add-on to the existing physical perimeter security provided by the NBA as a great success.

They said not only did it enable them to reduce the number of police needed to secure the event, and therefore the cost, but also it helped better cover specific strategic positions on the perimeter.



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