Record Breaking Year for Evolution Dome

Evolution dome jpgEvolution Dome has had a record breaking 2015, with a huge in surge in bookings, sales as well as expanding on an already massive range of stock with new and unique structures, it was only a matter of time before they took things global.  Having already launched a successful office in Belgium to cater to the market in mainland Europe, Evolution Dome has recently opened offices on the Gold Coast, Australia with Lee Davis at the helm.


The opportunity to open an Australian office came about with the introduction of Lee via the Belgian office.  Ash, director of Evolution Dome, was keen to find someone with events industry experience and hungry for a new challenge.  Lee fit the bill, having run his own business on the Gold Coast, recently selling this and looking to take on a new and exciting project. 


Having booked the MEI Gold Coast Mission, the UK office was in the midst of the busiest period of the year, so having director Ash, leave during this time would have been a massive inconvenience.  They were keen to not miss out on the planning for forthcoming Commonweath Games in 2018.  As a result, talks with Lee progressed and it was clear to see that he was the man to represent Evolution Dome at the MEI talks.  Having a reseller in Australia was a great advantage and will continue to give Evolution Dome the local company edge, as well as having a great understanding of the Australian market, combined with the experience the UK head office has to offer.


We spoke to Lee to get an insight on the Australian events market, his experience of the MEI mission and his decision to get on board with inflatable structures.

•         How did you find the MEI Gold Coast trip?

‘Great! In one short word. It was very well managed and put together. Very informative and helped us to understand the market potential very quickly.’


•         How well was the product received by the people on the tour?

‘The product was extremely well received.  We were approached by a number of associated industries who wanted to work with us in the supply chain. We were approached by a number of events groups and corporate events organisers looking for a unique approach to brand specific promotion.'


•         How much interest was there in the inflatable event structures?

‘We were approached by 2 of the biggest marque and temporary structure companies in Queensland and Australia well as event organisers who showed strong interest in the hire of the product. We had great response from sport promotion companies and festival organisers. Security companies also approached us regarding using temporary structures during events to house temporary communication bases.'


•         How would you describe the current events market in Australia?

‘The events market is currently quite strong and a growing industry. We certainly see that as a core market, however, not our full focus. We will certainly be looking to the festival and sports events. Australia is also strong in outdoor sporting events. Each year a growing music and arts festivals market. Motor racing and extreme sport events are also a very large market here.’


•         What made you want to take this on as a business and how do you see this growing?

‘The temporary and marque structure business in Australia has been supplying almost the same product for years. It is in need of a unique alternative. We offer huge reductions in set up costs and speed of construction, with a larger list of variations to create far more options for the client. 
I have been looking for a new venture since 2010, and looking for something that had brand impact and dynamically strong design influences in its structure. Evolution Dome, in my opinion, brings a new dimension to the industry with its unique look, flexibility of options, and strong design influences. In other words a structure that has impact for its clients!’


It appears that Evolution Dome has made the right move opening offices in Australia, with a growing number of enquiries from Singapore, UAE and countries in the Far East.  The Australian office will be in a far much better position to service these until local resellers are established, providing a reliable global service and after sales support. 

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