Sports Integrity with World Lottery Association, the European Lottery Association and the International Sports Convention

Geneva 2016 ColourMany in the World of Sport are unaware of the vital contribution and significant role Lotteries have played in the sustainable financing of grassroots sport and social projects in Sport. Having a strong base at the pyramid of Sport is essential for the long term and sustained Sports development as well as a strong sports business industry. Indeed, supporting sports and mainly grassroots sport has always been part of the traditional lottery model. Feeling that match-fixing undermines the credibility of modern sport and as the traditional allies of sport, Lotteries could not stay idle in the fight for sports integrity.


The World Lottery Association (WLA) and European Lottery Association (EL) will play a significant role in The Sports Integrity Conference that will take place under the International Sports Convention 2016 on December 7-8, 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland. In total there will be 18 sports conferences over 2 days and more than 3000 delegates attending the event. A delegation of WLA/EL members with about 200 persons will attend ISC 2016, indicating the significance of the WLA, EL and ISC cooperation.


Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, President of the WLA and CEO of Loterie Romande, Switzerland said:

"Integrity and transparency is at the very heart of the games offered by the global lottery community and in particular when it comes to sports betting. Without the guarantee of integrity that we can give to our authorities, our players and the sports associations that organize the competitions - the medium of our bets - there would be no games of chance. The initiative to participate in the International Sports Convention (ISC) 2016 will contribute to share our core values with the sports sphere and to fight against anything that threaten the integrity of our bets, notably the manipulation of sports results."


The World Lottery Association (WLA) is an international, member-based organization of state-authorized lotteries and suppliers to the global lottery industry. Its mission is to advance the collective interests of its members and to facilitate their development through the provision of a range of lottery-related services, such as internationally recognized lottery sector standards.


WLA Lottery Members are organizations licensed or authorized to conduct lotteries or sports betting operations in a jurisdiction domiciled in a state recognized by the United Nations. The majority of their net revenues must be dedicated to supporting the public good. As stipulated by the WLA Code of Conduct, all WLA Member Lotteries may only sell their products to consumers within the jurisdiction in which they are licensed. WLA Associate Members are suppliers of goods and services to the lottery or sports betting industries whose business practices conform to the aims and objectives of the association. Currently, there are 152 WLA Lottery Members and 71 WLA Associate Members drawn from over 80 countries spanning five continents.

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European Lotteries (EL) is the European umbrella organisation of national lotteries operating games of chancefor the public benefit. EL has members from 45 European countries including all 28 EU Member States. The association's Members contribute more than 20 billion € p.a. to the state budgets and the funding of sport, culture, social projects, research and other causes of general interest. The annual contribution to sports reaches the level of 2.5 billion Euros, of which grassroots sport is the main beneficiary.  Unlike many commercial online gambling operators, EL members only offer gambling and betting services in the jurisdictions in which they are licensed by the respective national government (in the jurisdiction where the consumer is located).

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The International Sports Convention 2016 will be the world's largest B2B sports convention in 2016. The 18 Sports Conferences will be specific to each sector but it is the crossover and scale of the event, which is unique to the ISC. This maximizes business, network and learning opportunities for all participants. The convergence and overlaps of different sports and different sports business industries ensure specific and new opportunities for all the attending.

Over 3,000 people are set to attend ISC 2016, including over 250 high-profile speakers. With participants from 67 countries in the last ISC edition the event will be truly global.

New Networking Events and Networking Platforms will be provided and facilitated to ensure networking business discussions are held before the event is started.

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