Q&A: Peter Jones, CEO of Nineteen Events, organisers of Transport Security Expo 2015

TRS-logo 2Q: Mr Jones, please can you tell us a little about this year's Transport Security Expo?

A: This December sees the 13th Transport Security Expo take place at London Olympia. Over the years, it's become the main global platform bringing Government, Industry and Academia together to counter the threat against our transportation networks. Sectors covered at the event will include Aviation Security, Maritime Security, Rail Security, Major Events Transport Security, Secure Transportation and Border Security. It will be a very popular event with a large number of high-profile attendees and support.


Q: Who are you expecting to attend?

A: We're looking forward to welcoming more than 4,500 international security end-user professionals, 200 leading brand names exhibitors, 10 UK stakeholder agency delegations and 30 + official country delegations, including four from newly-formed governments in collaboration with UKTI and the Home Office. Our attendees work at a very high level and have significant decision-making and purchasing power. There will be a lot of key industry influencers and global market leaders there.


Q: What can delegates expect to see at this year's exhibition? 

A:The expo runs this year from 2-3 December and features a large-scale exhibition with more than 200 of the leading manufacturers, systems integrators and SMEs currently supplying to the global transport security sector. We're also running a supporting conference and seminar programme, designed in close collaboration with our expert Advisory Board. Our free-to-attend conferences and security innovation seminars will be led by some of the most renowned opinion leaders in the industry and will be available to all attendees, on a first-come, first-served basis.

For the first time ever, we will also be introducing our brand new feature, 'World of Perimeter Security'. We're especially excited about this, as it represents an entirely new and innovative approach showcasing grown up systems-based thinking.


Q:Tell me more. How will 'World of Perimeter Security' benefit your delegates?

A: In the past, visitors to transport security exhibitions like ours have had to walk around the hall by themselves, looking at the different technologies on various stands and trying to piece the widgets together to make a complete solution that meet their needs.

Now, thanks to our alliance with Allens Total Perimeter Security, we will be the first ever tradeshow to present a totally integrated, interactive escorted tour that brings everything together in one place for attendees, offering them a complete Perimeter Security picture. It's an exciting development, and one that we're confident will benefit our visitors and government delegations hugely.



Q: A totally integrated, interactive escorted tour, you say? How will that work in practice?

A: Take the example of a visitor who may be responsible for security at a port. He or she won't come along to the expo asking “what’s the best bollard?” or “what’s the best camera?.  They will be looking for a total, integrated solution. ‘World of Perimeter Security’ will show them exactly what they need and how much it will cost, all in one easy-to-follow, expert-led, interactive tour.

After a short video briefing, they will join a narrated tour to view a range of high-end products, including fencing and walls, vehicle barriers and blockers, bollards, high security gates, CCTV and intrusion detection solutions. They will be able to ask questions and enjoy refreshments at the end. It will save them a lot of time and effort.


Q: What else is new this year at Transport Security Expo?

A: As well as the 'World of Perimeter Security', this year's show will feature a brand new 'Future Borders Experience'.  This will showcase the next generation of border security, with demonstrations of the most advanced solutions coming to market, like facial recognition, iris capture, imaging systems and authentication.

It will offer our visitors the chance to get in on some pretty impressive, cutting-edge security developments. Then, there is our security vehicles zone, with exhibits including vehicles designed to transport cash and valuables, as well as high-end luxury limousines to protect VIPs and diplomats and our largest ever range of armoured vehicles.


Q: You say you're expecting 30+ international delegations. How important would you say the international dimension of Transport Security Expo is to you?

A: Extremely important. We are delighted to be welcoming key international visitors to our expo. Each one, whichever country they’re coming from, will be looking for just the kind of integrated systems thinking that we'll be presenting, under one roof, for the first time ever. They will be able to talk to people from the areas that could be of most use to them, as well as network, make new contacts and relax in our new VIP International & UK Delegations Lounge.

Particularly exciting for us is the fact that four of these delegations are coming from newly formed governments. This gives us a fantastic chance to establish strong relations and widen the opportunity for increasing mutual knowledge and strengthening global defences against the threat of terrorist attacks.


Q: So where does the UK fit into all this?

A: We are one of the strongest countries in the world for security; we lead the way globally. Keeping our country and its transport systems safe and secure for passengers, cargo and high value goods in transit is an enormous challenge, requiring major investment. Yet you only have to look at what was done for the London 2012 Olympics to realise how well we can rise to meet that challenge. That kind of legacy positions us as a centre of security excellence for the rest of the world to emulate.


Q. What advice would you give to any companies who are currently thinking of exhibiting at Transport Security Expo 2015?

A: I’d advise them to move quickly because exhibition space is selling out fast. The expo is open to all professionals in the industry, and provides an excellent forum for networking and engaging with current and future suppliers, meeting exhibitors and connecting with transport security professionals from around the world.

Transport Security Expo 2015 already has an excellent and long-standing track record, but this year it promises to be a particularly important, high end, transport security event, with Government and industry coming together to tackle big transport security issues with a genuinely joined-up perspective. Anyone involved in the transport security sector who is serious about engaging with top-level, international decision makers absolutely has to be involved in Transport Security Expo 2015.


Q: How can MEI members find out more and/or book exhibition space?

A: We are offering a 10% discount to all MEI members on exhibition rates.  You can find out more on our website at www.transec.com.  You'll find details of exhibitors already signed up, as well as news stories, conference programmes and details of how to buy tickets or book exhibition space. It's going to be a fantastic event. Don't miss out!

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