Introducing Intofocus Bid & Proposal Management

IntofucsFounded by Director Helen Bayliss, Intofocus draws on Helen’s 20 years’ experience selling complex solutions and managing and writing successful proposals and bids into the commercial, financial services and public sector markets.



Helen’s sales background really makes a difference when it comes to providing bid consultancy and coaching services, she is able to apply practical experience alongside industry best practice to ensure her customers get the best results.


Our main area of focus is to act as a coach to help your bid teams to implement a repeatable approach to winning business. The approach consists of a combination of:


  • Running bid strategy workshops and kick off meetings to uncover and develop your win strategies prior to bid writing
  • Providing your team with ‘writing to win’ workshops that focus on the client and industry best practice
  • Promoting the use of storyboards before writing
  • Supporting the writing of the Executive Summary
  • Providing help with and facilitating your review cycle by reviewing and editing your bid documents and providing constructive feedback.



Example of applying best practice and helping clients to win business


Helen has worked with this FTSE 100 Telecommunications Company on a wide range of both government and commercial sector bids since February 2014.


Involvement with the bid team commences with a Strategy Workshop where an interactive workshop is used to determine the key messages, win themes and what differentiates the bid from the competitors’. Typically with this customer these are one day workshops with all bid team members present, including partners.


This is supplemented by a short workshop on writing to win – using best practice to get your message across most effectively using the customer’s language. This has either taken place alongside the strategy workshop or on an ad hoc basis with bid team members who need the extra support.


In many of the bids for this customer storyboards (or plans) are used for the individual sections of the bid / proposal, these capture and communicate win strategy and win themes. Storyboards help ensure consistency across the sections, compliance and responsiveness and assist the bid team to write content that is easy to evaluate, fully compliant and sells the solution offering as the best option for the client.


Across all bids with this customer a range of bid reviews are conducted and directed from initial content reviews through to formal ‘pink’ reviews and ‘red’ reviews. The reviews are used as an iterative process to improve the score of each section of the bid. For each bid the reviews are based on the client’s scoring criteria for that particular bid and best practice in terms of responding to requirements (e.g. full description of how it will be delivered, to what benefit and ensuring that appropriate evidence is provided). Iterative feedback, comments and suggestions for improvement are used on each section reviewed to help the author(s) improve the response. During the course of working across a bid scores will typically increase from 20 to 90%.


  • Bid and Proposal management, consultancy and writing
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