Toronto 2015 Pan American & Parapan American Games


Actavo | Event Solutions (formerly EventServ) was approached by the Toronto 2015 technical team in March 2015 to identify if we could provide support with the delivery of the technical support structures package.  Actavo quickly responded – preparing costings and commencing conversations with local companies. Initial site visits were carried out in Canada in April 2015. Peri Scaffolding Services, based in Toronto, were already contracted to the Games and were already looking at this package, so it made sense to partner. Actavo | Events Solutions provided project management and design consultation and Peri providing the equipment and crew on the ground. Actavo and Peri Scaffolding already had a relationship (working together in Ireland) and also with the main Peri Project Manager in Canada (who worked on the London 2012 Olympics). 


The partnership was awarded the contract for the Technical Support Structures and then, once based in Canada, successfully tendered jointly for an additional contract to supply cable management.


The Toronto Pan American and Parapan American Games was the first international project for Actavo | Events Solutions.


The full project delivery included the supply and install of:

  • 23 technical support structures installed and dressed
  • 20,000 hooks
  • 63 cable fly structures
  • 9 venues providing core drilling
  • 700 cable ramps
  • 37 venues serviced

The value of the contract was $1.4 million.



The Actavo team relocated two project managers to Toronto for the duration of the project (May – August 2015) and hired an additional team member once in situ. This team was the main interface with the client, providing professional project management and continually focusing on finding solutions to solve the client’s problems.


Generally, the technical support structures contract is a high-risk contract, but the Peri/Actavo team successfully delivered all structures as per requirements. The cable management package was more complex with the contract being confirmed just weeks before the Games. All ancillary products, such as hooks and cable ramps, had to be sourced and delivered to Toronto and the scope for the cable fly structures had to be confirmed. Prior to any installations taking place, Actavo visited every Games site to confirm requirements with the Site Manager, Overlay Manager and Energy Co-ordinators.  Actavo provided a catalogue of types and sizes of cable flies to ensure all site requirements were met. Despite this initial planning and scoping, designs and requirements often changes once on site. Actavo and Peri provided an entirely  flexible service responding to all needs.


Every Games project is complex, but operating in Toronto and Canada had its own challenges, including heavily unionised labour, differing health and safety regulations and large distances between sites. Actavo | Event Solutions supported Peri and overcame these challenges and the partnerships delivered all commodities and were able to assist the Overlay team with additional requirements such as the dressing of cable flies, removal of windows and crew for additional installations.


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