Mobile Media Content´s Revolutionary Venue Management Technology

Multi purpose WembleySports Entertainment is an industry that has been regularly growing both in terms of CAGR and the high customer engagement services that Venue Managers have to provide. Technology has played an integral part in making these management processes easier, whether it be evolution of online ticket sales, venue analytic or sponsorship activation. Mobile Media Content & TICKETING3D with their spectacular range of solutions has always been at the helm of bringing this revolution of technology in stadium management to the edge.



Protections Redesign thanks to T3DMobile Media Content’s flagship solution TICKETING3D uses Augmented Reality processes to display real time 3D model of the stadiums and venues to assist in enhance the ticket purchasing process by letting the customer to compare the real views from different seats and sections of the stadium before finalizing the purchase. The standout feature of this technology is the high degree of integration capability which works uniformly across all ticketing platforms and devices used to make a purchase. TICKETING3D boasts of a strong and successful clientele that includes FC Barcelona, ATP Madrid Masters, Euro League Basket Ball and Sevilla FC amongst others.


Challenges for Venue Managers:

  1. Not just “Crowd” the Venue but also provide enhanced experience, customer retention, and diversified crowd analytic.
  2. Identify opportunities to activate newer sponsorship and advertisement channels.



  1. Use augmented reality technology for visual venue management.
  2. Delivering a Premium Experience to fans while purchasing online tickets, renewing season cards and generate better strategies for events and marketing management.


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Mobile Media Content specializes in and builds 3D Visual Representation of global sporting venues, theatres and stadiums for covering various Venue Management needs.


Why Mobile Media Content:

  1. MMC has worked with some of the largest clubs and sports organizations in Europe.

TICKETING3D is the not only offering Mobile Media Content has to make. A full range of virtual reality solution exist in the portfolio and these can be implemented for nearly all of the processes related to Venue Management with varying degrees of uses.



Manchester City FC saw the immense potential of TRANSFER3D to aid them in their stadium expansion to increase capacity. They intended to run this project laden with complexities without impacting the supporter’s experience during the season. TRANSFER3D allowed Manchester City to generate a virtual stand with real seat sight way before the original stand was opened and this allowed season card holders to select and relocate seats of their choice in the new stand even before it was constructed and operational. The benefits Manchester City derived from this process optimization and premium fan experience encouraged them to now adopt TICKETING3D and integrate it with their ticketing platform.



Is another appreciated and lucrative feature for the venue management which allows the venues to open and set up an entirely new sponsorship channel in the virtual where the Brand Activation are done and as an additional value for sponsors, tracking metrics would be provided to measure their impacts. This sponsor upgrade was featured in the 2015 Final Four Euro League and was considered as an epitome in augmented reality innovation for marketing and advertisement by the sponsors.

The other groundbreaking solutions in Visual Venue Management that Mobile Media Content offers areVIP3D, VENUE3D and TICKETING3D-Analytics.

After earning the confidence of the clients and customers served, Mobile Media Content looks forward to embark on the journey of revolutionizing the concept of Visual Venue Management across all the sports and the global venues. If you are a Venue Manager or Venue Marketing Representative, you may contact us here to discuss the value propositions Mobile Media Content may offer to you operations and processes.

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