Mass space security analysis

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A White Paper by MEI's Dr Christopher Flaherty calls for a rethink on the analysis of security in urban environments.

The White Paper, entitled A New Approach to Mass Space Security Analysis, is based on a presentation of the same title, given by Dr Chris Flaherty at the International Crime Science Conference, University College London, Centre for Security and Crime Science (16/17 July, 2007). In the paper, Dr Flaherty, MEI's Lead Technical Consultant on critical infrastructure protection, writes that " a rethink is needed in the analysis of complex urban environments as this relates to the asymmetric challenges of terrorist attacks. " Dr Flaherty points to the 2007 Haymarket attack in London as an example of the successful exploitation of the complex urban environment. Engaging militarily in cities is extraordinarily difficult given topography, urban development and the close way in which urban societies are mixed together, and very little in the way of tool development has been initiated to tackle these problems. Dr Flaherty identifies three factors typifying the security problem in civil urban settings. Factor 1: " We are dealing with a non–combat environment where a potentially lethal attack can be initiated. " In a war zone the problem is relatively easy as all encountered in the combat zone can be treated as unfriendly; however in a mixed busy street in any major city like London we have a new problem. " Factor 2:" These attacks are unpredictable, involve deception and are simultaneous. " Factor 3:" There is little in the way of tactical language to describe sufficiently multi–dimensional or simultaneous tactics beyond the traditional lexicon. " THE FULL WHITE PAPER is available from the MEI Sales and Marketing Team. To obtain your copy, go to the 'About MEI' portal and fill in 'Contact Us'.

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