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GLOBALGAMES®SPORTS offer a full service of sports & marketing event integration. From the design and build of bespoke branded games and activities through to Experience Modelling your event and delivering and activating the event with our trained staff and logistics team.We work with brands, clubs, governing bodies and sponsors to maximise their brand impact and return on investment.This can all be encompassed and realised in our bespoke FanPark® design; to deliver the ultimate sporting experience for all fans and family members.

The 6 pillars of our business create the strength to deliver our company ethos:FANPARKS® – FanParks® are no longer about " Big Screen and Beer" ; we offer a modelled experience with interaction, skill acquisition & hi–tech content, specific to your target market(s). EVENT TOOLS – We design and build bespoke interactive games and activities for all areas of the sports market, including Hi–Tech designs & mobile inflatable activities. PROJECT MANAGEMENT – We advise on all aspects of the event mix from Experience Modeling to Roadshow Design with specific partner organisations to supplement our skillsEVENT ACTIVATION – We have a trained, professional workforce and storage facilities to deliver & mobilise any campaign or roadshow anywhere in the world. MATCHDAY PROMOTIONS – Advising and delivering effective matchday activation concepts from T–Shirt Launchers to Clap–Banners & full Environment Branding across the event day. EDUCATION & TRAINING – Combining our Teambuilding background with unrivalled event experience we offer local legacy opps. with volunteer up–skilling and event delivery training. Event Management Expertise & ExperienceGLOBALGAMES®SPORTS creates, manages and delivers major sporting events and event support facilities across a wide range of scales, budgets and targeted outcomes. With such a varied range of services on offer and also an incredibly wide range of customers and customer locations, our Experience covers many areas. The 6 core areas of our business highlight the main services that we offer and these areas also highlight some of our previous work:FANPARKS® – creating and delivering FanParks® as modelled Fan Experiences is the core focus of our work and alongside specific club work (Tottenham Hotspur) and tournaments (IRB 7s at Twickenham Stadium) we have also created consultancy pieces for the World Cup Stadiums in South Africa, Jockey Club and Premiership Football Clubs. EVENT TOOLS – From Hi–Tech electronic reaction games (Adidas Champions League) to Inflatable Roadshow Equipment (Emirates across their sponsorship portfolio) through to Augmented Reality Activities (Saudi FA, Alhilal FC & Euro 2012 – in development). PROJECT MANAGEMENT – This encompasses many of our categories of expertise and the crossover is one of our strengths, however, a few notable Project Management concepts have been the Tesco / FA Skills Roadshow. Begun in August 2008 we designed, produced, managed and delivered 48 events in one month with 3 roadshows travelling the country. EVENT ACTIVATION – Our teams have travelled the world, as well as the length and breadth of Britain to deliver events for our clients. In 2009 we sent an Event Management team to Dubai for the Beach Soccer World Cup who trained, advised and over–saw the local event team in their operations. MATCHDAY PROMOTIONS – A growing side of the Sports Sponsorship mix, MatchDay Promotions has been both enduring and valuable for many sponsors at the current time. Fulham FC have seen a range of events including full club sponsorship days where we integrated Outside the Ground Challenges, On–Pitch Activation, Environment Branding and Clap–Banners to deliver the full sponsored service. EDUCATION & TRAINING – Alongside training local work forces to be engaged and appropriate for events (training legacy) we also deliver team training and development concepts

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