Reflections on Rio



It has been a very intensive period with the final chapter of current operations in Rio having come to an end. For some our supplier network it has been a frustrating experience with the volume of business significantly lower, or none existent, than in previous Games. Having been in Rio during the Games it was not hard to spot the gaps where spend had been cut back to meet available budgets. On reflection, Rio is likely to be deemed the first real Austerity Games and it will be interesting to see what impact this may have on future major events. Either way, the Games were delivered in the Brazilian way and it turned out to be a colourful experience with visitors enjoying their time there. More on Rio in a separate article.

It was our pleasure to host Mr Luis Salazar, President of the Pan American Games 2018 in London and give our members the opportunity to meet him. The approach of allowing companies to share their perspective on Games delivery through informal panels and discussion is a well received format and is very much the style which will be used at our forthcoming Summit at the London 2012 Aquatics centre during 12 – 13 October. Here we are in dialogue with key major event hosts who we believe will be joining us and if you want to enquire about an invitation at this carefully managed attendance event, do let us know as soon as possible please.

Post Rio we will continue to have a presence there as a regional hub for South America where there are a number of events will seek to get our community involved in. But clearly our focus has moved on to Japan which hosts the Rugby Union World Cup 2019, Summer Olympics 2020 and World Masters 2021. Regionally this is also important with major evens in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and China. We are therefore in the process of building our delivery network in a similar model to Brazil with Japan experts supporting the core team in London and local representation and delivery partners in Japan.

The Membership network continues to attract quality companies with ambition to succeed in major events and if you wish to know more about this please get in touch.

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