April 2018, Gold Coast, Australia: Doncaster, UK based Redline Assured Security is well known for high quality aviation security products & services on a global scale. 

What may not be so well known is that for the past 4 years, a team of Redline software engineers have been working with security experts to digitise an entire airport security management system (SeMS), the first aviation-based client went live in 2016 and their system is now in daily use across a global network of facilities. 

At the end of 2016, the Head of Security for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Danny Baade, met with Redline to explore the potential for an adapted version of Redline SeMS that would be suitable for a major sporting event. The areas of crossover between aviation and major events made the concept very attractive to both parties, and work commenced on the major events version of SeMS in early 2017. 

Many conference calls between Gold Coast and Doncaster later, the beta version was ready for trial and Craig Kyson, the Redline Software Manager, drew the winning ticket and was on his way to the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia to work directly with the security team in the Games Organising Commitee (GOLDOC).

SeMS consists of portable devices carried by the officers of Queensland Police and security supervisors that created and fed a main dashboard with security critical information. Once security issues are identified, they are collated, evidence gathered and the system takes over the management of corrective actions. 

Danny Baade commented that "the deployment of Redline SeMS saved GOLDOC significant time and cost in critical data analysis requirements, sped up the entire process of corrective actions and ensured that correct processes were carried out and monitored thereafter; we identified around 60 issues that required some form of action, most of which were relatively minor but one or two that could have impacted security". 

Jim Termini, the Redline Director of International Business said that "the team from GOLDOC were a dream to work with, technically very astute and crystal clear in what they wanted to achieve from the outset. The totally incident free Games are a testimony to the hard work these guys put into a highly successful security operation. The lessons we've learnt from this rollout will be taken forward into subsequent versions". 

The use of the Redline SeMS in the Commonwealth Games follows the Quality Assurance of security that Redline undertook for the London 2012 London Olympics and is a natural progression in ensuring the safety and security of athletes, spectators and event facilitators. 


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