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Engaging fans and enhancing revenues - the power of an undervalued asset.  

We asked Wyn Fanshawe, director of Capture the Event to write a few words on how fan engagement fits into major events. 



"Major event owners have valuable assets in their photo archives, team and player imagery – all of which can be linked to the individual fan’s own imagery and choice. With the right understanding of fans, smart technology and clever delivery systems, major events could engage their followers on a new and different level.We all know that photos have become part of everyday life. We have cameras with us permanently and want to capture our fun, memorable moments. We want to re-live these experiences and be able to access images of the people we love and admire. But that’s hard to do with sport. Players are not accessible, the action is too far away and quality is poor. People can find professional images online but they aren’t usually the images fans really want to see, they aren’t personalised to the individual and – most importantly – they aren’t ‘official’ and endorsed by the event that fans want to belong to. Event owners could do this for their spectators – by making more use of their Photography – an asset that is currently underused and undervalued.


Photos can provide an inspiring and flexible way of connecting with followers and driving revenues. Photos allow fans to share and retain the moments that are special to them. They can record the classic occasions and highlight the latest events. The best photos pull on people’s emotions and provide a never-ending stream of newness. They are a reason for fans to connect with the event owner on a frequent basis and a tool for owners to drive those connections. But this isn’t just about bringing and keeping supporters closer to the event – properly managed it can also drive a significant revenue stream. And one that is likely to grow faster than most others experienced by event owners. Given the level of choice and quality that fans desire, there is every evidence that viewing and buying photos will become a habit and part of a fan’s normal routine. When that happens fans come back regularly and repeatedly, without the need for expensive advertising or messaging. And when they’ve bought photographs of their favourite moments – these images live on through the close season and for years ahead – promoting the event, venue, team, players and sponsors.


The insightful use of Photographic assets can help drive loyalty, fuel growth and maximise life-time revenue from followers. The opportunity is there for major events to create real value from their Photographic assets, but only if event owners understand more about their spectator and fan preferences and behaviours, and about how their event’s offerings and delivery systems need to fit with these needs. There is great potential for a win/win outcome - fans are closer to the event and the increased revenues can help drive the greater success that everyone desires."

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