Written by MEI Member, Control Risks 

Security is one of the biggest concerns at major national and international events – independent of whether they are publicly or privately organised. As the range of stakeholders has diversified to include corporate sponsors, local and national governments, professional sports bodies, delivery partner consortia and national security forces, security issues have become similarly diverse and multi-faceted. Control Risks has provided security management for a variety of special events, annual general meetings, corporate functions, and major sporting festivals for many years. Weare widely experienced in security management at events where malicious actors threaten the security of guests and employees, as well as an organisation’s reputation.

The client

Project background: Acknowledging the unique challenges presented by the security and operational environment in Russia, a media company partnered with Control Risks for the provision of security services in support of over 400 non-Russian media network and production personnel for the duration of the Soccer Confederations Cup 2017 and Soccer World Cup 2018 in Russia.

The issue

The project demanded 24/7 operations focused on the safety and security for hundreds of people and assets moving in and out of 11 cities in Russia for over two months at a time. With a traveling population ranging from technical production and broadcast support staff, to high-profile on-air talent, to some of the entertainment industry’s most senior executives, the project required a high degree of flexibility and scalability in its planning and execution. Control Risks’ prior successful experience as a supporting partner for similar major events — including Soccer and Olympic Games support globally — combined with our long history of work in Russia meant we were uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive security services aligned with the media company unique requirement.

Our solution

Working in close partnership with the media company security leadership almost a year in advance of the events, Control Risks, through its dedicated Security Director, Russian Security Manager, local and regional support teams and Russian security resources, provided the following support:

  • Managed the security for 400+ foreign and local nationals in the run-up to and during the two major events in Russia between 2017 and 2018

  • Supported the media company in the delivery of hospitality services to VIP personnel throughout the events

  • Developed excellent working relationships with stadium operations leads, transportation hubs, International Soccer officials and other relevant authorities to ensure that they were able to expedite the needs of the broadcast teams in their respective local cities. 

  • Supported the development and implementation of security programs in St. Petersburg and then Moscow to support the Main Production facility at the Broadcasting Centre, the primary focus of the broadcasts. Provided management oversight and on-site inspections for the security team throughout the time period. 

  • Journey management: Managed the security arrangements for all travelling teams whether in transit or static. This required appropriate levels of experience, English/Russian lanugage skills and high levels of technical capability.

  • Site security: Implemented security and operational support for the media's primary site locations in Moscow (hotels and stages) and supplementary media sites. 

  • Set-up and management of a Security Operation Center (SOC) to monitor threats, manage day-today security arrangements and respond to incidents and emergencies. 

  • Supported the media companies executives' visits to Russia in the months leading up to and during the events.

  • Enabled a risk awareness culture amongst the media companies personnel through development of briefings and training.

  • Effectively managed all security personnel to ensure that they are capable of meeting and exceeding the media companies requirements. Worked closely with the media companies corporate security function providing reports and decision support as required. 

  • Represesnted the media media company at in-country security planning and informational meeting as required.

  • Developed an in-depth understanding of the media company corporate security policy and strategy to ensure that planning, preparation and delivery is in keeping with the media companies policies. 

Control Risks also set up a strong account management structure at all levels. We designated a dedicated Security Director to act as a senior security partner to the media security team to help develop and execute an overarching security program, a global account manager to coordinate all necessary contractual and financial arrangements, and a global account director responsible for representing our team at Control Risks’ executive level to ensure appropriate resources.

The result

The event is on going at this time and Control Risks’ support has proven thus far to be flexible,scalable and effective in supporting the various security and safety needs of the media team. Strong and effective working partnerships at all levels continues to enhance the teams’ ability to meet their objectives.


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