Case Study: WiFi is the future

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MEI looks at why broadband wireless systems company Proxim Wireless was chosen as the WiFi supplier for the 2008 Youth Commonwealth Games in Pune, India.

Broadband wireless systems company Proxim Wireless provided both indoor and outdoor WiFi connectivity as well as point–to–multipoint connectivity for the third annual Commonwealth Youth Games, which were hosted in Pune, India in October 2008. Games technology supplier IL&FS Ecosmart said it selected Proxim's Tsunami MP. 11 WiMAX capable products and Proxim's ORiNOCO WiFi Mesh to provide WiFi connectivity to over 1, 300 athletes and 350 officials across 15 locations. " To prepare for the largest Commonwealth Youth Games to date, a wireless system was needed that could ensure secure, reliable WiFi connectivity for all of the athletes, officials and attendees throughout all of the facilities, " said Ravi Chillara, CEO of IL&FS Wireless infrastructure and services division of IL&FS Ecosmart. " To interconnect 15 locations and provide connectivity, it was evident we needed a system which incorporated both WiMAX and WiFi mesh seamlessly in one solution. Proxim provided the most cost–effective, easy to use solution, and its unique ability to integrate WiMAX capable and Wi–Fi mesh radios in a single system minimised the number of hops needed in the network. " To connect the 10 stadia and five hostels with a limited number of radios, IL&FS Ecosmart selected Proxim's Tsunami MP. 11 WiMAX capable products to connect multiple subscriber units located at each location to a central base station unit. The company then utilised Proxim's ORiNOCO WiFi Mesh series radios to provide both indoor and outdoor WiFi connectivity, which integrated with the Tsunami MP. 11 radios, which provided the backhaul to the central backbone. Because all Proxim products (WiFi, WiFi mesh, WiMAX and point–to–point) are designed to work together, IL&FS Ecosmart was able to deploy the Proxim network easily and efficiently, saving both time and money. The Proxim network supported the entire Commonwealth Youth Games from 12–18 October 2008. Although the network was originally designed only to support the event, IL&FS Ecosmart said it is now considering building a permanent city–wide wireless network to support more than 30 e–services.

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