Brazil hits the plastic

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According to industry research company RNCOS' new report 'Global Credit Card Industry – Emerging Markets', the number of credit cards in Brazil has witnessed noteworthy growth in the recent years. It has been found that the number of credit cards will reach around 195m by 2013, reflecting a CAGR of 12% over the forecast period (2010–13).

RNCOS has carried out extensive research and a prudent analysis of the Brazilian credit card market in order to understand the factors that will continue to serve as growth saviours for the market over the coming years. It has identified that various factors such as rising disposable income and changing lifestyle have resulted into the higher usage of credit cards in the country. Besides, RNCOS anticipates that the future prospects of the credit card industry will remain buoyant owing to low credit card penetration coupled with consumers' preference in view of its safety and easy access. There are several other benefits like reward points and discounts by merchants as well as bankers, which will lure customers to shop by their credit cards. Moreover, the increasing trends of online shopping have also provided the impetus to the growth of the industry. The role of banks in propelling the market could not be neglected, and the report contains ample information about their approach towards the market in coming years. This huge demand for credit cards is providing tremendous growth opportunities for credit card issuers, suppliers and manufacturers in the country. Whilst there are several factors that may keep the credit card market growth on track in future, Brazil has to deal with many restraints to sustain the growth momentum. The report gives valuable information about all the obstructions to enable clients understand them and devise appropriate strategies. For FREE SAMPLE of this report visit: http://www. rncos. com/Report/IM167. htm

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