Brazil plans tourism boost

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Jeanine Pires, president of EMBRATUR, a division of the Brazil Ministry of Tourism, presented its Plano Aquarela 2020 in New York in late February 2010 at the offices of the Brazilian Consulate General to a group of travel industry executives and US tour operators selling Brazil and media outlets.

The plan is a tourist marketing strategy, which is aiming towards goals and objectives over the next 10 years highlighting sun and beach, eco–tourism, culture, sports and business/events. This presentation cames on the heels of Brazil being awarded both the FIFA World Cup games in 2014 as well as the Olympic Summer Games in 2016. Plano Aquarela will deal with Brazil's position in the world and the perception of the nation after these two global events, when the image of the country as well as its infrastructure will have bulked up. The expected goals for the next 10 years are:1. Brazil will achieve a 113% increase in international tourism, ending with 11. 1m inbound, foreign visitors. 2. Achieve 304% increase in foreign currency derived from foreign tourist spending within Brazil. 3. Achieve increases in visitors to Brazil by 500, 000 in 2014 (as compared to 2013), when the country hosts the FIFA World Cup, and by 15% in 2016 (as compared to 2015), when the Olympic Games are held in Rio de Janeiro. 4. Sustain growth at a rate at least 1% higher than the growth rate for all other South American countries. 5. Strengthen Brazil's leadership in South America, by achieving a 27% share of all tourists from the continent. Thses numbers are based on analyses of tourism growth in countries that have previously hosted the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. Categories of differentiation include neighbouring countries, accessibility by air and land, flight time to the country and status as a tourist/event destination in the years before hosting the events. One of the key problems that Brazil is facing when promoting international tourism is achieving a unified message for global distribution. EMBRATUR plans to overcome this by providing host cities with a single, consolidated kit of promotional and information material with a common message and visual identity. This kit will be used abroad beginning in July 2010. This article first appeared on travelagentcentral. com

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