Rio 2016 seeks identity

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On Tuesday 13 April 2010, the first workshop on the branding and visual identity of the competition concluded, where representatives of the Rio 2016 Committee, the three levels of government (Federal, State and Municipal), the Brazilian Olympic Committee, the Brazilian Paralympic Committee and the broadcasting companies that retain the rights of transmission, received information from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and exchanged ideas on how the visual identity of the first edition of the Olympic Games in South America will look. The Rio 2016 Games logo will be made public by the end of the year.

Present at the event were Philippe Furrer, IOC head of knowledge management system and special projects; Melinda May, head of marketing services; and Brad Copeland, graphic designer and consultant of the entity for the Olympic Games visual identity. During the two days of meetings, topics such as the essence and the power of the Olympic Games brand, promotion of the brand preserving its integrity, and the legacy of the event to Rio de Janeiro were discussed. "The brand and visual identity creation of an edition of the Olympic Games is a professional and planned process. We ought to think what Rio de Janeiro will tell the world in images and words, and how this edition of the Olympic Games will be remembered. Therefore the importance of all sectors involved participating on this first workshop. For us, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games have already started", said Carlos Arthur Nuzman, president of the Rio 2016 Committee. Besides holding the workshop, the Rio 2016 Committee launched the public notice for the contract selective process for the company that will be responsible for the creation of the brand. Parties interested in taking part can find details at www. rio2016. org. br/pt/AquisicaoBens/servicos/.

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