Fencing aids security

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Mesh security fencing has certainly been a growth product area in 2010 for Paramount, when the company started manufacturing the New Paramesh steel mesh fencing system.

Paramount steel fence realised that mesh systems were an expanding market despite the economic down turn. In June 2010 Paramount launched the new 'Paramesh' range, which includes Paramesh 358, 868, Deco and 3M variants. Since its launch the company has seen a rapid increase in demand for the range. Its highly competitive pricing has won many installers significant sized contracts. Fencing installers who are successful in obtaining approval to tender or submit a quotation can significantly increase the likelihood of being awarded the work by the choice of mesh system they specify. Price has always been a key factor for purchasing departments, but quality and finish of the product also rate highly on any purchaser's selection criteria.

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