Dignitaries hit the slopes

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Russian president Dmitry Medvedev and prime minister Vladimir Putin visited one of the Olympic sites of Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi in late February 2011 to watch the European Alpine Skiing Competitions being held at the ski centre in Roza Khutor.

The Roza Khutor ski routes, according to the preliminary assessments of skiing experts, in the technical aspect are among the most difficult in the world for their elevation and slopes. The downhill start places for men are located at a height of 2, 045 meters above sea level and for women at a height of 1, 735 metres. Mens super–giant competitions start at the mark of 1, 592 metres, and for women at 1, 560 metres. For all the routes there is a single finish place located at a height of 960 metres above sea level. In the competitions, all the systems will be tested – to ensure appropriate snow covering and safety, logistic, medical and transportation support. The first to test the routes were participants of the Russian Cup competitions. " We can say that we have already started the operating part of the preparation for the Olympics, and there is confidence that we will hold several more events at this site and all the rest, " noted Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Kozak, who is in charge of the preparation for the Games. He particularly noted the high level of security ensured here. " We have approved a comprehensive security plan for the Olympic Games. All the law enforcement services are working. In point of security ensuring, there are no concerns and no problems, " Kozak said.

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